50 Onboarding checklists to use at work with clients, hires and partners

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In most businesses, teams have routine processes that they must run repeatedly with clients, partners, employees to accomplish their work. 

That is no surprise why checklists and to-do lists, particularly when used at work, are so effective. They can increase focus, accelerate your work and help you keep track of everything that needs to be done in a timely and efficient manner. 

If you are using any sort of onboarding checklist today at work, you are on the right path to make an impact. 

63% of customers consider the onboarding program an important part of making the buying decision. In fact, the same report states that 86% of customers will stay loyal to your business if you invest in the right onboarding tools and content to educate them.

However, traditional and manual onboarding checklist processes have limitations.

They cannot be effectively duplicated and scaled across your team, they are more likely to create data breaches and can increase churn when involving external parties such as clients or new hires.

A digital onboarding checklist will be valuable to your business in creating a standardized and seamless mutual action plan for your stakeholders and team.

Here is what we did. 

We curated a list of 50 industry-specific onboarding checklists that you can straightaway share with your daily stakeholders or tweak according to your needs.

These ready-to-go checklists will make your job of onboarding anyone easy and streamline the process for your organization, and you can use them today for free.

Onboarding Checklists for Finance Teams

If you’re part of a finance team or work in a Mortgage brokerage, an Accounting, or an Investment firm, you are probably in charge of reviewing sensitive data from clients.

Each new client’s information must be thoroughly reviewed, approved and organized properly for the success of your company. 

With a digital onboarding checklist that collects all necessary information from the client in one place, the intake phase will become a breeze for you and your teammates.

Clearing out the financial aspects of the business during the onboarding process in a systematic way will reduce the risk of any financial losses and help you and your client stay on the same page throughout the process. 

The below checklists will minimize manual data entry and streamline the workflow with an easy collection of contracts, customer details, tax and financial details, and more. 

1. KYC/AML Onboarding Checklist

Following a traditional KYC/AML onboarding method without a robust system may increase the risk of potential financial threats.

The main objective of AML and KYC is to enable you to identify any potential risk that comes with onboarding a client and detecting illicit payments or risky customer activities.

To ensure that you restrict any money laundering or illicit financial activities, Clustdoc developed an advanced and effective solution to complete the KYC/AML process for your company.

With this KYC/AML onboarding checklist, you can collect complete personal information, contact information, bank details, and more to verify customer identity and legal standings.

You’ll be able to request, collect and verify each beneficiary owner’s documents and historical data without juggling between tools and spreadsheets. 

With Clustdoc, you can create customized KYC/AML checklists for each of your clients. You can design a unique onboarding and verification checklist for individuals, registered companies, funds, trusts, or partnerships.

2. Business Credit Application

You will save a lot of time and resources with your business credit application processing by automating the process using this checklist.

To apply for business credit, customers must provide supporting papers such as copies of licenses and permits, balance sheets, personal income statements, W-2, and tax records. 

Manually collecting these verification documents is a long process. This checklist will help you collect and move forward clients’ applications quicker than ever before. 

With Clustdoc, your clients can conveniently submit their information from their phones or computers without any hassle. Your team can review their information very quickly from the business console.

3.Tax Preparation Checklist

When preparing for tax filing, you must collect and scrutinize all legal documents to minimize compliance risk and meet all requirements. Doing it the old way takes a lot of time which is the most valuable asset for you and your client.

When you automate the tax preparation process, you can save time and resources while collecting forms and financial information from your clients. It is an uncomplicated approach to onboard clients for tax preparation. 

Using this checklist, you can collect detailed client information to prepare them for their upcoming tax appointment.  You can quickly request forms and documents like– tax preparation forms, W-2 and 1099 forms, reports of taxes paid, and more.

4. Due Diligence Checklist

Due diligence is a significant step for any transaction or investment, especially in a merger or acquisition context. 

When acquiring a company, the due diligence checklist is the guide you need to ensure you don’t miss any detail related to the business.

The checklist will give you a clear idea of the obligations, liabilities, shareholder contracts, intellectual property issues, and litigation issues that you are getting into.

To minimize unforeseen troubles, you should use the checklist to assess the cost of acquisition, existing sales, potential revenue, and other information.

5. Paycheck Protection Program

The paycheck protection plan is America’s loan program to save small businesses from the losses caused by COVID-19. It is a 100% federally guaranteed loan to employers who maintained their payroll during the pandemic.

As a Lender, you need comprehensive business information and payroll details to comply with the SBA regulations and make sure borrowers meet all requirements.

Since there are thousands of employers applying for PPP loans, manually processing them is not feasible.

This advanced checklist makes sharing financial statements and required files a seamless task without any third-party application.

Applicants can also easily submit legal documents like employee payroll records, bank statements and expense statements, employee benefits reports, and more to apply for the PPP loan.

6. Current Account Opening Application

In recent years, the banking industry has seen significant transformations. People nowadays prefer digital banking to card or cash transactions. The same has been valid in terms of how clients prefer to set up accounts.

Because time is your customer’s most valuable asset, you must design a straightforward and automated KYC onboarding interface to make this step the most convenient experience for your clients.

Clustdoc’s advanced forms make collecting information such as personal and professional details, address, contact, and income records effortless.

This checklist makes it simple to gather essential documents such as passport, address proof, payslip, employment certificate, tax records, and other relevant verification papers.

Clustdoc streamlines the documentation process, allowing you to focus on offering your clients a convenient and secure banking experience.

7. Financial Aid Application

Clustdoc assists you in creating an automated financial aid application process that your student can follow.

With this checklist, you can collect all the necessary personal and financial information in one place. You can also effortlessly request documents like social security cards, student cards, bank statements, and family tax details.

Collecting information and sharing them is an effortless task at hand when done with this checklist.

8. COVID-19 Emergency Loan Application

Covid-19 turned the whole world upside down. When everyone had to shut themselves in their houses, some sectors fell to the ground. Companies started losing business and had to close their operations because of no cash flow. Now, they need an immediate cash flow to keep themselves up in these challenging times.

When a company applies for a Covid-19 emergency loan, they want the application process to be quick and efficient. Every day without an answer from you increases the stress and pushes them towards shutting down.

With this checklist, you can collect borrower applications and scrutinize them to minimize compliance risk and meet all requirements without any delay. Applicants can also easily submit legal documents like employee payroll records, partner details, bank details, tax information, and more to apply for the Covid-19 emergency loan.

9. Tax Return Checklist

There are a plethora of documents that your clients have to submit to file tax returns. 

Tax payer’s details, bank statements, tax form questionnaires, and more, sometimes managing all these documents can be overwhelming for both you and your client.

Our tax return checklist is a comprehensive paperless solution that you can share with your clients. Your clients can share their personal and financial information in one place. 

You can gather vital records like tax form questionnaires, W2 forms, employment expense logs, license or identification cards, their summary of income, and other documents on the Clustdoc platform.

The intuitive checklist function in Clustdoc makes it much easier for your clients to provide you with all of the documents.

Onboarding Checklists for HR Teams

HR teams have very unique employee training needs and one of the biggest challenges is making the process frictionless. 

As an HR manager, you have to train new hires from different backgrounds in their respective fields. 

Whether you want to fill a vacancy position, onboard a new employee, or assess them, it can be done easily with onboarding checklists designed specifically for HR teams. 

10. Job Application Process

Hiring the right person for the job can be a tough task. You have to make sure the candidate fits well into the organization, has the experience needed to fulfill job responsibilities, and is dedicated to the growth of the organization. 

You need to collect candidate information such as personal details, education, work background, resume, cover letter, and more to evaluate their qualifications.

With traditional methods of information collection, it can turn into a lengthy and tiresome process. With this checklist, you can collect all the information you want in one place and speed up the hiring process.

11. Employee Onboarding

New employee onboarding is an important part of HR management. It is essential to set a new hire up for success. 

Onboarding can be a deciding factor whether the employee stays loyal to the company or leaves on the first chance. With the right onboarding process, you can leave a positive impression on the employee and make them feel comfortable in your company. 

While onboarding, you have to collect information and share details of the company. Doing this manually can be confusing and often details can be missed out.

This checklist is the perfect tool to make sure you onboard every employee with the same excitement and enthusiasm. 

12. Internship Programme


Interns are valuable contributors to the growth of any company. They want the chance to learn and grow under the guidance of an experienced mentor. 

You have to assign the right employee as the mentor who can guide an intern and make them fit for future job opportunities. For doing so, you have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the intern and pair them with the right guide. 

With this checklist, you can collect personal details, resume, and cover letter to understand their needs and expectations and place them under the proper guidance. 

13. Employee Quarterly Assessment

Evaluating the performance of employees is crucial for many purposes. You need to perform quarterly assessments to review employee performance, work productivity, and stability. 

With an employee assessment report, supervisors can guide employees for improvements and assist in making changes. 

You can use this employee quarterly assessment checklist to evaluate your employee’s performance. 

14. Filling a Staff Position

When an employee leaves, you want to fill that empty position as quickly as possible. Now, you can internally fill that position or hire someone. 

You will need a checklist to make sure you cover all the necessary steps to prepare an employee to fill that position and understand the job responsibilities. 

This comprehensive checklist can help you share all the details related to the job and its responsibilities and also book a meeting with the HR team to guide them through the process.

Onboarding Checklists for Real Estate Agencies

As a real estate agent, you want to make sure that your agents, property owners, and tenants have a frictionless and satisfying experience with your company.

To make sure you leave a lasting impression on them, you need to upgrade every part of your business with modern tools.

These checklists will help you to collect valuable information and provide a seamless experience to your clients and agents.

15. New Property Onboarding

When it comes to property management, onboarding is usually the most crucial aspect, because the property owner is entrusting you with their property and you must put your best foot forward and impress them.

Using our advanced checklist, you can collect complete owner information and property details like insurance, utility, security, and more to gain comprehensive knowledge about the property.

Now you don’t have to switch between apps trying to collect information from the property owners. They can easily share their property details on a more safe and secure platform.

16. Lender Onboarding Checklist

We know how tough it can be to onboard a new lender. Before issuing a lender license to a lending agency, you must gather a lot of information and documents about them.

To minimize compliance risk and meet all requirements, you must collect and analyze all legal documents with Clustdoc’s digital lender onboarding checklist. 

Using the checklist, you can thoroughly investigate the lender’s operating agreements, articles of incorporation, and closing documents to verify lender documents and prevent any fraudulent activities.

17. Tenant Verification Process

When a tenant comes to live in one of your properties to rent, it is crucial to verify their identity. You have to take all measures to ensure that you fully know your tenants.

To ensure that identity verification is not a laborious and time-consuming process, Clustdoc developed an advanced and effective solution to complete the tenant verification process.

With Clustdoc’s advanced features, you can quickly and easily obtain the information you need from tenants on a secure interface to ensure that no information lands in the wrong hands.

18. Mortgage Documents Required

Mortgage loan request processing and approval is a lengthy and complicated process.  There are a plethora of documents that your borrowers have to submit. 

Collect mortgage-related documents with an automated and simple-to-use checklist to simplify the lending process. Clustdoc can help you gather accurate, well-organized, and comprehensive information to comply with all lending regulations.

This checklist makes it simple to gather essential documents such as mortgage statements, existing insurance policies, credit commitment statements, and other relevant verification papers.

19. Property Services Application

As a landlord or property manager, it can be hard for you to keep up with the calls and emails from tenants interested in renting your properties. The manual property service application is error-prone and inefficient.

Using this checklist and its advanced features, you can collect detailed information about the client, contacts and references, employment history, and details related to their rent history.

This checklist allows you to collect and analyze tenant information, sign documents, and communicate with the interested tenants from one interface.

20. Mortgage Loan Application

The mortgage loan application is a complex process. You need a unique application process for different customers. The process is complicated to manage over emails.

Manually collecting identification and income-related documents takes a long time, and these documents frequently go misplaced in your drawers.

This intuitive checklist function in Clustdoc makes it much easier for the applicants to provide you with all of the documents.

With this checklist, you can gather accurate, well-organized, and comprehensive information to analyze borrowers’ personal and financial details.

21. Real Estate Agent Onboarding Process

Agent onboarding might compromise your brokerage’s workflow if you don’t have a strategy in place to quickly onboard the new agent.

Conventional onboarding methods are cumbersome, disorganized, error-prone, and slow.  It’s tough to both find the right agent for your brokerage and speed them up quickly.

Collecting forms like GAAR transfer form, office intake form, license for real estate associates, MLS subscriber agreement, or any other such document is convenient with this checklist.

You’ll save a lot of time and resources on agent onboarding if you automate your onboarding process. It’s a hands-off and straightforward approach to agent onboarding. 

22. Rental Application

To rent your property to only the best-suited tenant, you must not miss any documents while collecting and verifying rental applications.

While evaluating rental applications, you need to comprehensively analyze their personal details, government IDs, and financial statements. It is also vital to do a comprehensive rental history check.

Sharing confidential personal documents over emails is insecure and unreliable. It may end up putting the tenant’s security at risk.

To minimize security risk and meet all requirements, you must collect and analyze applicant documents with Clustdoc’s rental application checklist.

23. Landlord Onboarding

Onboarding a landlord to your agency is an important step and can not be overlooked. 

With an effective landlord onboarding, you can represent the landlord without any difficulty. 

Your landlord onboarding checklist should collect all the necessary information from the property owner to ensure a smooth relationship.

This comprehensive checklist will help you collect details of property information, ownership, insurance, and other required information.

24. Property Transition Checklist

The biggest challenge during property transition is to make sure the process is smooth and frictionless. However, there are many occasions when property transition does not go as planned.

When a property owner moves from another property management agency to your company, you want to make sure that their transition experience is an easy one.

This checklist will help you collect necessary information and guide property owners through the transition process.

Onboarding Checklists for Insurance Companies

As an insurance company manager, you want to provide a quick and easy experience to your clients but regulatory and verification requirements make it difficult for you. And the delay in service leaves a negative impression on the clients.

A speedier claim management system not only helps control medical expenditures but also enhances customer engagement.

With the below checklist, you can make it easier for your clients to submit their insurance details. On the other end, your agents can process their insurance claims with speed and efficiency.

25. Healthcare Insurance Claim

You don’t want to add to a client’s stress by handing them endless paperwork to claim their health insurance. Particularly when they are grieving the loss of a loved one or suffering from a medical issue.

Using paper and manual methods to collect medical information slows down the insurance claim process. 

You must verify the client’s insurance membership, medical reports, hospital bills, and other medical-related information. The collection and evaluation of a healthcare insurance claim take a long time.

This checklist helps you collect accurate, well-organized, and comprehensive information to process healthcare insurance claims and settle the client claims as soon as possible.

26. New Pet Health Insurance Request

Pet insurance serves as a financial safety net for pet owners, easing some of the financial load of the pet’s medical bills.

But before you provide medical insurance for a pet, you have to know about the pet’s medical condition, vaccine details, pet owner details, and other information related to the pet. 

This automated digital pet insurance request form helps pet parents fill in complete details related to their pet to insure them against diseases and accidents.

27. Travel Insurance Claim

Many travel-related issues can disrupt your client’s travel itinerary. And when they are upset with their travel plans not going the right way, you don’t want to add salt to the burn with a gruesome insurance claim process.

You have so many details to collect from your clients such as claim form, policy document, identification, trip tickets, cancellation, hospital bill, passport details, and more.

To support your clients with the claim process, collect documents and information using this checklist.

28. Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim

Whenever a client gets into an accident, they are already under stress and when the vehicle insurance claim takes a lot of time, it becomes a bad experience. 

As an insurance company, you have to collect legal documents to make sure you comply with all regulations. 

With this checklist, you can collect all necessary information like person and policy details, accident details and FIR, verification details, and other details on the same platform saving a lot of time and effort.

29. Personal Accident Insurance Claim

When someone gets into an accident, it is a painful experience and the financial burden too can be heavy at times. 

It is in these times, you want to provide a frictionless insurance claim system to collect all necessary details related to the accident and insured client. 

With this checklist, you can collect all the information you need and provide a seamless and smooth insurance claim process.

Onboarding Checklists for Marketplaces and E-commerce companies

Onboarding needs can vary depending on your business and finding the right onboarding checklist for your business is a tough task.

In this list of checklists, you’ll find different types of onboarding checklists that you can use in your business to impress your clients and build a relationship of trust with them.

30. Merchant Services Ecommerce Application

When you onboard a new merchant to your service, you must offer the utmost customer support possible to ensure a smooth onboarding and setup.

While processing clients’ applications, you must collect and scrutinize all legal documents to minimize compliance risk and meet all requirements.

Clustdoc’s advanced forms make collecting business information such as business name, website info, contact, address, and existing payment gateway details effortless.

Merchants need to provide supporting documents such as copies of registration certificates, IDs of representatives, and merchant agreements to apply for the e-commerce merchant service.

You can comfortably move forward with the merchants with this checklist by collecting the required documents without any delay.

31. Merchant Onboarding Form

We know how tough it can be to onboard a new merchant. You need a lot of information and documentation before you introduce a merchant to your service.

While onboarding merchants, you need to fully understand their business structures, license and get other important details about the company. It is also vital to do a comprehensive merchant history check.

With this checklist, you can quickly and easily obtain the data you need from merchants to set up their accounts.

32. Vendor Application Process

When registering new vendors, you must thoroughly analyze their company profile, examine business certificates, tax records, safety certificates, etc. It is also vital to do a comprehensive vendor history check.

During the registration phase, you must collect and scrutinize all legal documents to minimize compliance risk and meet all requirements. It helps to make sure the future vendor management process is hassle-free and simplified.

No vendor wants to waste time registering their business to a company that does not decisively bring business to them. 

Therefore, follow this modern and intuitive checklist to onboard new vendors with speed.

33. KYC/KYB Documents

When a client signs up for your services, it is crucial to onboard them with a compliant identity verification process and make sure you collect all required documents from them. 

Customers want the KYC/KYB process to complete in no time. Delayed KYC/KYB results in customer dissatisfaction and a high abandonment rate.

To ensure that identity verification is not a barrier for your customer’s sign-ups, use this advanced and effective digital KYC/KYB checklist.

34. Merchant Card Processing Request

If you are a bank or a merchant card service provider, you have to give your customers access to modern payment options.

But before you enable the merchants to run transactions in minutes using your card payment service, you have to process their merchant card processing request. 

While processing clients’ requests, you must collect and scrutinize all legal documents to minimize compliance risk and meet all requirements.

With this checklist, you can collect and move forward clients’ requests quicker than ever before.

Onboarding Checklists for Public Services and Administrations

If you work in a public administration, you’re certainly handling requests from families, indidivuals and professionals from your local communities. 

Our templates can easily help you with streamlining requests for administrative services and public services such as driver license renewals, plates change processes and much more. 

35. Driver Onboarding Process

Every logistics company wants its vehicles to be on the road. But before you give the keys to any newly recruited driver, you have to make sure they are well onboarded in your company.

The best way to make sure your drivers are ready to hit the road is to perform a comprehensive onboarding every time you recruit a new driver.

This onboarding template will speed up your driver onboarding process. The drivers will, without any hassle, understand your company workflow and other details about your company.

36. Car Dealer Sale Document Checklist

Buying or selling a car always comes with lengthy processes. And if you own a car dealership, you have a lot of documents and business communications and processes to deal with in your regular business.

There are a plethora of documents that your clients have to submit. Bill of Sales, Dealer Tax Form, vehicle details, and more, sometimes managing all these documents can be overwhelming for you too.

This checklist’s easy-to-use but advanced features ensure that your customers have a swift and convenient buying experience.

37. Car Plate Change Process

If you are providing services to clients who want to personalize their car plates, collecting a valid list of documents from them is the most laborious job. 

You have to keep requesting them– to send a clear scan or the appropriate vehicle and personal documents many times before you receive them.

Use this checklist to simplify the process and collect all related documents at a faster rate.

You can collect documents like TR-1 Form, Insurance Information, Registration Certificate, License or Identification Card, and current registration details on the Clustdoc interface.

Onboarding Checklists for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions have to manage large amounts of data related to students and parents. Also, there are many documents they have to collect.

Listed below are some checklists that can make document and information collection easier for educational institutions.

38. School Registration

There is a set of documents that are needed before you enroll a kid into your school. Collecting these documents like children’s birth certificates and guardian or parent’s details can be a long and tedious process.

With this checklist, you can collect all the necessary documents on one platform and speed up the registration process.

39. Documentation Checklist for Parents

As said earlier, there are many details that you need to collect from the parents or guardians. 

You need to collect their government IDs, guardianship papers, proof of residency, and student documents. With the traditional and manual document collection process, you can miss documents which may cause compliance issues.

With this advanced checklist, you can collect all necessary documents, review them, and notify the parent about the submission from the same platform.

40. University Application

Thousands of undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. candidates apply to your university. Manually collecting and processing each application can turn into a never-ending cycle. Also collecting personal details through email is not a safe method. 

With this checklist, your prospective students can submit their university applications without hindrance. 

Use this checklist to collect all student details for their university application and enroll the best candidates without missing any detail.

41. Scholarship Application

Deserving and needy candidates deserve the opportunity to continue their education with financial support in the form of scholarships. Educational institutions need to collect many documents such as academic and extracurricular achievements and essays to evaluate students’ applications for scholarships.

With this checklist, you can collect and review applications for scholarships and give a prompt reply to the candidates.

42. University Placement

University placements are important milestones in the lives of both students and the university. Students want to move ahead with their careers and are looking for internships and job opportunities. 

You as a university placement officer will have to share all details related to the students with the hiring companies.

This checklist makes it much easier to collect information from students in one place and share it with the companies on the same platform.

Onboarding Checklists for Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional you need to be ready anytime for when a patient can come into your doors. But with the right patient details beforehand, you can better prepare yourself and your staff to provide better health care to the patient.

With these checklists, you can collect patient details quickly and make sure they get the best treatment and care.

43. Online Patient Intake Form

Asking patients to fill the pdf intake form on the clipboard is an old method now. 

Use this modern checklist to collect patient details online. Patients can also fill out this checklist on their phones in only a few minutes. 

This checklist is a modern and advanced way to collect detailed information and reduce errors while filling out forms.

44. COVID-19 Employee Health Symptom Screening

Health care professionals are most prone to the COVID-19 virus. That is why you have to screen your staff frequently to keep other employees and patients safe from the virus.

Using this checklist, you can screen the health symptoms of the employees and test them for the virus if they have any symptoms. 

It can be a great initiative to keep everyone in the hospital safe and make sure patients receive the best medical care.

45. Pet Grooming Registration

Before you groom a pet in your pet grooming spa, you have to know about the pet’s medical condition, vaccine details, pet owner details, and other information regarding the pet.

The entire form-filling process ends up wasting both your and your client’s precious time. 

Collect pet-related information with this automated pet grooming registration checklist.

Legal service providers have to collect and share a lot of information to understand the case of their clients. 

Sharing legal information over email is not at all the right approach since private data shared over email is not secure and safe.

With the below-mentioned checklists, you can collect and share client information to provide their legal service at a faster rate.

Paperwork is always a hassle. There is a risk of losing an attached document or simply confusing folders of different clients. Especially for a sensitive field like legal, this can be a crucial threat.

Missing even one form can cost valuable information that could otherwise help to have valuable defending arguments. Also, the information people fill in there is highly sensitive, and it’s the Legal company’s responsibility to keep the data protected.

With this checklist, you can collect all the necessary information without missing any details efficiently and seamlessly.

47. Intake Process

To clearly understand a client’s case, you have to onboard them in the right way.

During onboarding, you have to clear what services they are looking for from you and what legal support they need immediately.

You can also request payment during the onboarding using the payment feature that comes with this checklist.

Using this automated checklist, you can share all the necessary details onboard the clients without any hassle and build a relationship of trust with them.

48. Bankruptcy Process

If a client’s business just went bankrupt and they want to apply for bankruptcy through your services, use this template to make it an easy process.

You can collect documents like bank statements, mortgage and loan statements, liability statements, and more. 

You can simplify the documentation process to file for bankruptcy using this checklist to collect documents.

Onboarding Checklists for team collaboration

Onboarding needs can vary depending on your business, industry, and organization, and finding the right onboarding checklist for your business is a tough task.

If you ever wondered if onboarding checklists could also be used inside your organization, that’s possible. 

The following list of onboarding checklists can be used to work with clients but also internally to simplify internal employees requests.  

49. Client Training Checklist

Client training is vital for your business because you do not want clients walking away from your service without really understanding what they’re leaving behind. 

Use the advanced and best digital training checklist to train your clients in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

50. Meeting Room Booking

Booking and managing meeting rooms should be one of the simplest jobs at hand. However, the entire process takes a lot of time and turns out to be out of control on the meeting day.

This checklist allows your employees to reserve meeting rooms and other spaces in the workplace quickly at any time from anywhere.

With this smart checklist, your office staff can share the office space efficiently, reduce administration time, and improve their booking experience.

Easily Collect Client Information with Clustdoc

Now you don’t have to switch between apps trying to collect information and onboard your clients. 

They can now easily share their company information on a more safe and secure platform.

Clustdoc’s smart checklist feature makes it easier for clients to share information without missing any necessary documents. 

With Clustdoc’s automated checklists, you can provide a better customer experience to your clients because it’s faster, time-saving, and efficient for both you and your clients.

Now is the time to get started with Clustdoc and turn your first-time clients into long-time, loyal customers.

How to download our onboarding checklist templates? 

The digital onboarding checklists listed below are available for you to use at no cost for 7 days once you register to Clustdoc. 

1- Click on the title of the checklist you want, or go here to register free

2- Download the checklist you need from our onboarding checklist library

3- Adjust the checklist to your business requirements

4- Send it to your contacts and review the submission from your account

Now that you’re here

Clustdoc is a client onboarding orchestration platform used by modern teams around the world. With Clustdoc, you can run automated workflows for requesting, reviewing and verifying new customers’ data, documents and contracts – without juggling between tools. 

If your team is managing new customers using emails, spreadsheets and PDFs, you’ll probably love using Clustdoc.

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