Faster document collection.

Reassuring for clients.

Better team collaboration.

Autax is a Boutique Tax Services agency located in Melbourne. The company is specialized in small business support and self-managed super fund auditing. At Autax you’ll find a team of highly-qualified professionals with over 40 years of experience in accounting, auditing tax and related fields.

The Autax team guides and assists clients every day, using clear facts, a solid professional experience and a warm approach of the accounting area. The company uses this experience and knowledge to save you money and ensure compliance in your tax affairs.

Rajesh Verma, Tax Accountant SMSF Auditor, Chartered Accountant at Autax and his team wanted a better way to onboard new clients. The main challenge was to find a simple and flexible solution that would help the team quickly overcome the traditional problems of accounting agencies : requesting, collecting and formalizing information from all their customers throughout the Tax preparation process.

Overnight improvement without the cost

That’s how Clustdoc came into play: with a self-serve client portal combined to a light-weight CRM, Rajesh and his team now have a reliable platform where they can handle client tax projects.

“ Before Clustdoc, it was all being done by email. I will send a list of documents to the client, and they will reply. Then, basically I would manually check all my staff to check it, and then we would reply back if anything was missing. We had to perform these steps for each client, which was clearly a waste of time”

The Autax team quickly got up to speed with Clustdoc client onboarding software and noticed how easy it was to work with such a professional tool.

Since Clustdoc combines in the same place a light CRM, a client portal and a checklist system, it’s very easy to organize, track and systemize common workflows while improving the client experience. That’s exactly what Rajesh was looking for:

“Strong point of using a software like Clustdoc : it formalizes your data collection method in one place. The Clustdoc’s dashboard turns out to be very helpful.

Increasing transparency in day-to-day business activities

As an accounting company, Autax teams know how stressful it can be for a client to complete a Tax project, so one of the top priorities was to add more transparency to the client intake process.

“The second part is the tracking of data collection which is just as important : it is clearly time saving. We know where customers are in their procedures, and we solicit them directly on Clustdoc.”

Scalable client onboarding for a growing business

The biggest goal for Autax teams is to save time to be more efficient and better assist existing and new clients in the best way possible. Indeed, it was essential to select a tool that can keep up with the company’s growth.

“We've got almost a thousand clients. So the thing is that Clustdoc is very well-equipped to handle any numbers because this software is very simple and efficient.”

Autax x Clustdoc: a great fit

Like many modern companies, Autax wants to work with other businesses that have the same attitude. And for Rajesh, Clustdoc fits the mold and can help many other businesses like his.

“I would definitely recommend Clustdoc because I like it ! If it helps me in my business, I think that it will reward a lot, and it will be in my interest for Clustdoc to grow.”

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