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Atlas Lane is a property management company located in Washington, DC. The team is on a mission to provide better living experiences for Residents and successful investments for property owners. Atlas Lane takes pride in its ability to connect with the city, and its goal is to help build a diverse and empathetic community of renters within its borders.

Premium experience for Property owners

In order to please their clients, the company set out to find a new innovative solution that boosts operational excellence and further centralizes its customers’ information. Kelly Honeycutt, the Asset Manager of Atlas Lane shares with us how teams at Atlas Lane are currently using Clustdoc.

“So we mainly use the systems for onboarding owners to gather all of their information for the property that we will be managing. So that entails anywhere from their information on the property itself, bedroom size, maintenance, warranties, contracts and such, all the way to leasing the property itself.”

As one of the best Property Management companies in DC, Atlas Lane is already well-known for its 5-star level of service. The goal with Clustdoc was to extend the client experience to the digital world. Kelly and her team instantly saw the benefits of using Clustdoc to onboard owners.

“For me, it is the client's access, how they view the application, setting that up in order for it to kind of run smoothly. There's a few steps behind creating a form, for example. But as far as once we get it up and running from our template application, then rolling it out to the owners was pretty seamless”

Organized and frictionless interactions

Clustdoc allows professionals to cut the back-and-forth that is often involved in managing a new client. Smart features like automated follow-ups, team collaboration and client messaging allow better alignment between business users and property owners and faster interactions.

For Kelly, this is a time-saver:

“It's extremely organized, and I like that I can actually write on the application to owners if they haven't uploaded the correct form or if I need more information from them.”

Instant benefits for the business

By having a centralized, professional digital landlord onboarding system, Atlas Lane kept their promise: always be focusing on Service whether offline or online. Clustdoc was built to make like easier for modern teams and the most obvious upside for team members comes right after switching to the tool: the work is streamlined and unified, and nothing slips through the cracks.

“I think organization has been the biggest benefit for me with the tool that we were previously using. It was kind of all over the place. It was hard to keep everything centralized. So with Clustdoc, everything stands right now, it's just been extremely structured and very client friendly there. I love it. So far it's been absolutely great. “

Clustdoc gives companies all the tools they need to work smarter, engage stakeholders and built long-lasting healthy business relationships.

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Clustdoc provides a secure and faster onboarding experience to new landlords.