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Scaled Ops using Clustdoc.

Many great companies have embraced the digital era and transformed how we consume content today. MagCast is definitely one of them: an International Marketing Agency which empowers content creators to own the digital space by creating and distributing their own magazine. The company not only provides them with a publishing platform but also coaches independent publishers who have no experience in how to present a magazine. 


MagCast provides content creators with a comprehensive publishing platform which helps them launch a mobile magazine on Google Play and App Stores. The product built by MagCast is one of the best in the space and independent publishers truly love using it.


 Mastering digital publishing with Clustdoc 


MagCast chose Clustdoc primarily to streamline the client onboarding process. It needed a way to let publishers submit the initial information, credentials and files quickly, securely - and no matter where they are in the world - in order for the MagCast team to help them set up and launch their magazine in a timely manner.


“ When a publisher joins the platform, there are a lot of account registrations, API keys, all of this tech stuff that people are not familiar with. So being able to provide a logical progression and tutorials on where to go at each step and then submit it all in a central location at Clustdoc has been very helpful.”


And it’s this transparency and validation process that, Damian - MagCast’s CEO- loves most. The process is the same for publishers in New York or Paris, and the MagCast team can easily handle each new publisher onboarding from a web or mobile client management app.


'Before Clustdoc, we used to work through long email threads and one to one communication with our customer support lead : this email traffic was clearly time-consuming.'


Damian knows that the first steps of a business relationship are vital for growing businesses. Furthermore, he emphasizes the time saved since the company switched to Clustdoc.


The problem with historical tools such as emails and spreadsheets is that they weren’t actually built for businesses. This is what makes Clustdoc different. 


“Clustdoc has clearly helped to shrink the onboarding time, and it has also decreased the amount of time per new client that our customer service lead is having to devote. They’re able to work with more people at the same time and everybody is moving through it in a better time frame”


 A solution that scales with the business


Like their customers, the MagCast is also working from around the world. The company which works entirely remotely, needed to make sure the solution they used would be reliable, robust and flexible enough to work as a 24/7 virtual office. 


'We got publishers in all six continents. Third of our clients comes from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and another third comes from Europe, and of course North America. And with different time zones it can be difficult to schedule interviews and calls.'


Using Clustdoc, publishers have a place where they can engage, communicate and progress their submission with a peace of mind, anytime, anywhere. The instructions, requirements, progress statuses and next steps are clearly displayed in a password-protected interface allowing them to enjoy a self-serve onboarding experience.


Increased productivity, Less headache


Now that everyone at MagCast uses Clustdoc, the team’s productivity has significantly increased and is no longer a worry for Damian.


“I think productivity is probably the biggest net takeaway, though I do like the professional presentation of the user experience.”


Damian confirms the company would never have had access to such progression with the systems they used before Clustdoc. 


“Actually I can't imagine how we would be working at this point without Clustdoc.”

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