The easiest way to onboard new clients.

Replace your bloated email inbox and empower your team to deliver a top-notch customer onboarding experience right from Clustdoc. Assign tasks, collect files or signatures, approve submissions, create templates and automate your processes.

It's a beautiful lead magnet.

You don't need a website to use Clustdoc. Create unlimited procedures and invite anyone to start your process through a secure, branded interface where you can show who you are.

  • Accessible from any device
  • Logo, branding and custom domain
  • Safer conversations (no emails)
  • No mistakes, no delay

It empowers your team.

Clustdoc is not only a client portal. It's also a powerful client management software that you can use every day with your team without juggling between tools.

Powerful team collaboration

Provide your team with a space to collaborate on every submission or file returned by your clients.

Free mobile app for your team

Everyone in your team has automatically access to a free client management mobile app to manage clients and handle submissions.

It streamlines your operations.

Think of Clustdoc like your digital office where teams and clients can interact 24/7 while we automate the grunt work in the background. This ensures consistency and productivity for your company.

  • Quick setup time
  • APIs and Webhooks
  • Automated workflows
  • Reuseable procedures

It protects your company.

At Clustdoc, we take your security very seriously. We put our best efforts to comply with Industry standards because our priority is to protect your organization.

Bank-grade security

We deliver bank-grade security to keep your most client data and files safe.

Encrypted user data

Your data belongs to you. Whether personal or professional, we commit to guarantee their confidentiality.


We value the confidence you've put in us and take the responsibility of protecting your information.

Delight your clients
  • Mobile-friendly portal
  • White label & themes
  • Emails/SMS notifications
  • Progress status
  • Secure messaging system
  • External members
  • Status updates
  • Multi-language
  • WP plugin
  • One-click exemption
  • Qualification forms
  • Scripts on portal
  • Redirect URL
Let's build your branded portal

Help your team work smarter
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Guest access
  • Mobile smartphone app
  • Team todo list
  • Home
  • ESignatures
  • Task manager
  • CC payment
  • Online form builder
  • File requests & approvals
  • File sharing
  • Storage & Cloud Sync'
  • Internal checklists (SOPs)
Let's get put your team in charge

Increase Operational Excellence
  • Event-triggered messages
  • Workflows & display rules
  • Webhooks
  • Assignment rules
  • Zapier & APIs
  • Unlimited procedures
  • Permissions & roles
  • Tags (folders)
  • Merge fields
  • Data capture & extraction
Let's automate your work

Protect your clients & business
  • Data-privacy control
  • Consent capture
  • T&Cs agreement
  • Bulk-delete
  • Dossier de Preuves
  • Messages directs
  • Bank-grade security
  • GDPR compliance
  • Data encryption
  • Third-party audit
Let's protect your reputation

It works like magic

We are part of your team and as such, our unique obsession is to make you successful and keep your business safe.

I loved the fact that I can have my clients go to the form, fill it up and log-off and log-in again to continue their update on the form. Something that my clients are struggling when I was using Google forms on onboarding.


Share on November 2019

Clustdoc has assisted us in automating our business and better accommodating our clients, we now have the opportunity to get all we need without conflicting with work schedules. The website is very easy to navigate on the user end and on the business end.


Shared on June 2020

We raised the bar for customer onboarding.

Teams and professionals using Clustdoc have improved their productivity by up to %41. Join us!