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Stisi Group is a friendly, expert team of UK mortgage and protection professionals that can help clients in all aspects of mortgage and protection advice. The team is headed up by Ross Stisi. With excellent attention to detail and profound knowledge of the industry, Ross has built himself into one of the UK’s top Mortgage Advisors.

As Mortgage Brokers, Stisi Group deals every day with clients on a daily basis, therefore the company needed to implement a client portal in order to carry out support while integrating their customer and employee interactions.

An easier way to manage applications

That’s how Clustdoc onboarding software came to the attention of Claire Halbert, Broker for StisiGroup.

“We use Clustdoc to allow clients to send documents across to us for mortgage applications. We have a basic template set up, so we can send the request to the client showing all the documents they need and allowing them to upload this to the system when convenient. ”

Above all, it was this quest of reliability and quality that prompted Stisi Group to improve its operations with a new, flexible solution such as Clustdoc.

“ Before we had Clustdoc, clients had to send us documents by secure email which only allowed you to upload 5 documents at a time and became a very time-consuming task for both myself and the clients. Now the clients can upload the documents a lot easier and in their own time and I don’t need to chase the client once the documents have gone overdue which helps save me masses of stress and time too.”

Clustdoc quickly emerged as The SaaS solution to address the main concerns of Claire Halbert and her stakeholders. It works perfectly as a golden record where Stisi Group can request, collect and review customers’ information, for every service the company offers.

'For example, we have also set up a medical data form and Fact Find. The medical data form is an automated form which allows the client to fill in all their medical history details we will need to complete a life insurance application for them.'

Saving time for the whole team

One classic issue for many modern companies is handling countless clients requests without losing track of things. According to Claire, Stisi Group doesn’t have this problem. Since Clustdoc centralizes every step of the loan documents submission process and tracks in real time every interaction, it’s easy to see who has done what, and when the online application was submitted.

'The ease of using Clustdoc has helped me manage my time better as I can see easily when clients have completed their task and check the documents easily. Also having the message service also helps keep all documents and messages together, so I am not going in and out of emails and missing information. It really has made the whole process much smoother and easier.'

Happy clients = Healthy business

With a simple client onboarding tool such as Clustdoc, Stisi Group has quickly increased client satisfaction and received great feedback from many of them.

“All our clients have confirmed they find it much easier and less stressful, using Clustdoc”

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