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Collect content from clients right on time.

Clustdoc helps you receive, approve and organize client information, project files and content from a secure portal.

Some of the great companies using Clustdoc

The central hub for your Marketing department

Collecting content from your clients doesn't have to be the hardest part. Use Clustdoc as your central hub for receiving and managing marketing requests from clients.

Task management

Build a checklist listing tasks and files needed to be returned by clients or team members.

Online payment

Get paid for your services directly online. You can accept more than 10 different currencies.

File request & approvals

Supercharge the pre-project phase using our smart approval system which allows you to save time and move fast.

Automation & workflows

Use Zapier or APIs to connect Clustdoc to any of your tools or set up workflows inside Clustdoc to facilitate your client onboarding.

Request anything from anyone

No more copy and paste. Define your procedure one time and run it over and over again with clients. Clustdoc makes it very easy to request, collect, approve and share content, files, videos, visuals, payments and more, from potential clients. All from a single place with your logo and branding.

Review client requests from one place

Quickly handle and assign client requests from your Clustdoc account. Internal todo lists, tasks and @mention features make the collaborative work a breeze. Clustdoc helps you manage and track your team workload and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • File size and format restrictions
  • File management & approval
  • Client inbox and direct messages

Automate, export & store without hassle

Use Zapier to integrate Clustdoc with 2000+ applications and build your own system to automate your client management. For example, you can automatically invite new customers to start the onboarding process for any of your creative services or send the content you collected to your other apps.

Start your projects with Clustdoc

Clustdoc was built to give your clients and team the experience they expect.


Shared on June 2020

We're quite happy since using it and even our Clients too loving Clustdoc. The client onboarding is quite simple and easy. Plus they're providing the Digital Signature feature as well.


Shared on June 2020

Clustdoc is one of the best investment I have made. This document service has a long term value given the global remote working trend and it's a huge time saver & productivity tool.


Shared on September 2020

Clustdoc is a essential tool for anyone that want to improve any kind of process. We use it mainly for onboarding and to automate this process. If you have a business, you need this!

Keep your world organized.

Collect the content you need, with a click, connect with customers through a secure client portal, track your projects in real time and get more work done.