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Best document collection software.

Clustdoc is the leading solution to automate the way you collect and manage documents and information from anyone as part of your client or company workflows.

Trusted by professionals from +78 countries

Better document management.

Use a flexible solution to streamline document gathering and speed up your business processes.

Custom document checklist

Your checklist of electronic documents automatically adapts based on the client's profile.

Branded client portal

Request a list of required files and documents through a mobile-friendly client portal.

Mobile client management

Manage incoming submissions from a neatly organized space on your computer or using our mobile app.

Secure messaging system

Communicate with clients and collaborate with team members to progress easily returned documents and submissions.

Hundreds of free templates available

Browse through our library of ready-to-use document collection checklists and get started on the same day. You can create unlimited checklists and run them through beautiful client portals.

File request, eSignature, follow-ups and more

What's the point of using an online document management software if that's all it does? Clustdoc also helps you supercharge your client onboarding with dozens of powerful features. Collect legally-binding eSignatures and payments, add due dates and automated reminders, communicate with clients and more.

  • Create due dates and reminders
  • Track submissions on a dashboard
  • Collect legally-binding eSignatures

Remote and safe team collaboration

Progress your submissions and document collection workflows with your team. Our mobile app makes it even easier to work on submitted files collaboratively. No deadline missed!

Collect documents from clients easily

Professionals in 70+ countries use Clustdoc to supercharge their document-centric processes no matter the business they are in.

Build your document checklist

using templates

List everything you need from a client or team members, we keep everything neat and organized. Also add forms or eSignature requests for example.

Collect submissions repeatedly

via a client portal

Give access to a client through a password protected link. They can return back required documents, message you and follow up in real time.

Review, Collaborate, Export

in a single place

Approve submissions or comment on wrong files and notify your client. Download the Request or work on it with stakeholders.

A better way to collect documents & files.

A robust document management software that scales with your business. No credit cared required.