95% transformation rate.

Turnaround times cut in half.

200 employees in the US.

Shelby Erectors is a leading labor subcontractor that specializes in bridge construction, specifically the installation of reinforcing steel and Stay-In-Place metal decking. Shelby Erectors, Inc. became a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) certified Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE) in 2010.

Shelby Erectors currently has over 200 employees that are on job sites across the state of Florida. The company maintains contracts that range in length from several months to over six years and vary from thousands of dollars to millions.

Paperless onboarding with Clustdoc

One of the main priorities for Shelby Erectors is to create a lasting impact in the lives of its team and the communities it connects. Rebecca Martin, the HR Manager believes that this mission can be empowered with the right systems and tools in place.

So, when the company decided to go paperless, Clustdoc quickly became a great option for streamlining the employee onboarding experience while protecting the business.

The tool provides 3 systems in one: a branded employee portal, a relationship management platform and onboarding checklists templates which can automatically be run with various workers, making the recruiting process easier to manage.

Clustdoc was the perfect resource for Rebecca:

“ So we are constantly hiring. We stumbled upon Clustdoc, which is an all-in-one way to gather all of the application information we need: IDs, compliance, anything and everything we need to on board a new hire we can do through Clustdoc. “

Employee onboarding made simple

With Clustdoc, the hiring process at Shelby Erectors is a breeze for both parties: employees are onboarded quickly which keeps them engaged, and the HR team has access to a secure place where they can find every new employee’s record and history at any time.

The use of Clustdoc employee onboarding software, has also brought great benefits for the entire company since the HR team is more productive and can rely on a robust system to grow the business.

'Before Clustdoc, the candidates felt that applying with us was taking too much time, in the meantime they found another job, and you never heard from them again. With Clustdoc, we send an offer, the application is complete and they actually do start the job.'

Productivity at scale for the business

In every HR department, hiring hundreds of qualified people manually is a constant headache. HR Managers need to make sure each new hire follows all the required steps during onboarding to get up to speed as soon as possible.

It’s also crucial for the company to ensure that all compliance documents are properly collected and reviewed.

Using the mobile onboarding management app is a real time-saver for Rebecca, allowing her to check remotely each employee record and progress applications with a few taps - such a productive way of working for her as an employer.

“ Being able to access things that I need on my phone also saves me time. Just having the insurance of it being right there on my phone.”

Also, she mentions how the collaboration feature started to streamline internal interactions between team members at Shelby Erectors.

Rebecca can easily make confidential notes, alert a teammate when needed or collect feedback on an employee's record. She says:

“It also helps with communication with the new hire and with me and the guys in the field because it's in one place. All I have to do is look to get a quick update, and it really ensures that our people don't start prior to having all of our compliance documentation.”

Higher transformation rates guaranteed

It’s no secret that a frictionless employee onboarding is a unique opportunity for an employer to engage new hires in the long term.

For employers like Shelby Erectors, making this first great impression was certainly one of the key desired outcomes.

Today, this is no longer a worry for Rebecca and her team since Clustdoc has significantly improved the worker experience and transformation rates during the onboarding phase.

“In terms of rate completion, I would say we probably were like more than 70% because we had things coming from all different directions. It was taking the onboarding process probably twice as long as today. Now we complete our onboarding process in five days. We have 90 to 95% completion.”

If Shelby Erectors was an early adopter of Clustdoc employee onboarding software, Rebecca and her team quickly felt confident with their initial choice when features like Spanish translations were released, ensuring them that Clustdoc can scale with their business.

“It’s very user-friendly, especially being able to use the Spanish language setting based on a lot of our employees who need that. So it's really nice to have the translation so that they know what they're filling out and know what they're supposed to be doing.”

Clustdoc gives companies like Shelby Erectors all the tools they need to onboard new employees fast and built long-lasting relationships.

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