Legal Case Management made simple.

Clustdoc is the new way to manage clients, immigration and legal cases from a branded portal.

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Run your law firm remotely

We focus on providing a professional, modern and trustworthy environment for your team and clients. Get access to a customizable client portal and free agent app to run your law firm.

Forms & Questionnaires

You can manage and handle as many online forms as needed as part of your client cases and procedures. The data is easy to export.

Document checklists

Move to a paper-free document collection process from day one, Clustdoc helps you collect and organize your case documents.

Task manager & status updates

Assign to clients or teammates a list of tasks. Make sure online applications are completed on time by each client.

Legally binding eSignature

Upload any of your official forms, contracts or proposal and have them signed from a password protected & mobile friendly portal.

Never miss a lead ever again

Send online invitations and reminders to help your clients submit their information in a timely from a beautiful branded portal. Using our automation features, you can save some precious time with automated data entry, event-trigger messages and workflows.

Standardize the review process

Track cases with real-time updates on any change in a case status. With Clustdoc, your team knows exactly how to process each client's case and works collaboratively without emails. Your robust admin interface allows you to loop in any other person needing to share approval or jump in throughout the case management process.

  • Real-time audit trail & activity tracking
  • Internal collaboration with @mention
  • Shared templates and todo lists

Secure and available 24/7

We are compliant to the highest European Security standards and are committed to apply the best practices protecting your business and clients. Our suite of Security features instantly helps you compliant to the GDPR: Data privacy control, bulk auto-deletion, Consent capture, T&Cs approval and more.

Delight your clients

Clustdoc is the simplest way to receive, handle and approve online applications as part of your client onboarding.


Shared on July 2020

We're a Legaltech startup and for us onboarding, collection and management of client document is one big cumbersome task. We tried and tested different tools but none of them fit to the need as much the Clustdoc.


Shared on September 2019

Clustdoc solves many problems. It acts as a centralized hub for customers to share and upload the requested information in a simple checklist manner. The customer service is very good. They are responsive and very easy to work with.


Shared on November 2019

Clustdoc has brought to us a very innovative way of working. We used to gather all client documents on our website with a poorly designed contact form and the rest of the work was made manually. This software is really good and modern.

Build your application portal today.

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