State of the art security.

At Clustdoc, we take your security very seriously. We deliver bank-grade security to keep your client data and files safe.

Security of Clustdoc Systems

Clustdoc is designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure, with multiple layers of protection.

GDPR and Data Protection

We are fully GDPR compliant and we take the responsibility of protecting your business.

Certifications and Internal Policy

As a Cloud-based company, Clustdoc has launched a certification and internal policy plan.

Customer Education Center

We are by your side. Clustdoc helps you meet the GDPR requirements that apply to your company.

Bank-grade encryption & Secure database

Clustdoc stores document data such as metadata, activity, original files, and customer’s data in different locations. All data is encrypted at rest with AES-1256 and sophisticated encryption keys management.

Powerful features for a safer client onboarding management process include:

  • Certified datacenters located in North America, Europe & Asia
  • Secure Document Transfers (128-bit SSL/TLS)
  • Documents robust encryption (AES 256)
  • Frequent audits by Independent third-party auditors

Built-in GDPR and Data Protection

Business owners around the world need to comply to local and international regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA. These laws require companies to handle confidential data in a secure, compliant way.

Our end-to-end encryption and security features empower your team to keep confidential information safe no matter where they are working from.

Using Clustdoc is a professional way to show clients that their security matters to you.

We have your back

We help you decrease the risk and costs associated with noncompliant processes while strengthening trust and reputation for your business.

Browse through the different resources available below to learn more about how we help you protect your clients and your business.

You can trust Clustdoc

We are proud to apply the highest European safety standards to protect your business.