5 star customer experience.

Higher conversion rates.

GDPR compliance.

Paul Minet is the Head of sales at A.F.P Courtage, a well-known broker located west of Lyon in France. With many years of experience, the group successfully assists its customers in the achievement of their real estate and financial projects. A.F.P Courtage offers personalized support and a range of services adapted to the needs of its clients such as real estate loans, credit repurchases and financing solutions.

From family practice to 5 star service

At A.F.P Courtage, the notion of customer service is not a new concept ; the reputation of this family practice is well established when it comes to carrying out the real estate projects of the inhabitants of Lyon, and even on a national scale.

With this in mind, Paul decided to optimize most of the operations in order to assist team work, to structure the activity and to better serve the customers.

'We used to lose emails from our customers. Therefore, we wanted to resolve the problems of our agency.'

Going further with a better organization

Paul was looking for an efficient tool capable of streamlining document exchanges with customers while providing the firm with the transparency and level of compliance expected within the framework of the GDPR.

'We wanted to enter into the french legalization and have a very complete means of tracking documents sent by our clients.'

At Clustdoc, safety is a top priority. The software allows to standardize from the first use, the work within the company and provides to the management team a visibility on the actions carried out during a customer file : the ideal for monitoring team performance, centralizing exchanges and keeping track of the main operations involved in collecting and processing customer information as required by GDPR.

The all-in-one customer portal

Paul quickly focused his attention on the solution Clustdoc that innovates providing a case management tool while offering a customizable customer portal and modules for collecting information, documents and signatures within the same web or mobile platform.

The document collection feature caught Paul's attention since he was looking for an intelligent way to collect and verify client documents as part of their financing or real estate file, he pursues :

'Our agency works as an intermediary between the banks and the customers : the problem was related to data recovery. Clustdoc allows us to rename the attached documents very easily, a huge time saving for the banks, our customers and our agency.'

The benefits os using the customer file constitution tool quickly became apparent :

'What we also like about Clustdoc is the well-organized reminders system. Our customers are confident because they feel that there is a real follow-up from our agency'

Multiple features, 100% frictionless

For a company as dynamic as A.F.P Courtage, every minute saved during the customers file process is put at the service of the client ; the productivity of the team if therefore an important asset for Mr Minet, sales Manager.

At Clustdoc, the concept of productivity is precisely an essential pillar around which many features are articulated.

Such flexibility has enabled Paul and his team to provide customers with intelligent forms that collect essential information and automatically adjust depending on defined criteria, thus avoiding additional exchanges with no added.

'It was urgent to find a solution that would save us time. And this is the case with Clustdoc : especially on the simplified forms related to customer files. Everything goes fast and it's great.'

As well, when a virtual file is finished, it is also possible to export the whole content in only one click, all in and organized way. This is also a strong point of the software according to Paul :

'The feature I found the most useful is being able to download the file either as a single PDF document or as a ZIP file. I no longer need to convert the file myself. These options allow us to establish a ready-made, all filed file.'

Providing innovation and service : the winning alliance

Choosing a technologic solution is sa long-term decision. It is not simply a matter of selecting a tool from the market but of associating with the right partner, the one who will be able to work as an extension of your team with your ambitions.

Indeed, Clustdoc and A.F.P Courtage share the same values.

Thus, the Clustdoc teams quickly knew how to align the level of excellence of the firm A.F.P Courtage in order to move forward together quickly and serenely.

The A.F.P Courtage teams are very satisfied with the level of support and the reactivity shown by Clustdoc : a winning team that is set to last.

'I am more than delighted with the follow-up that we have with Clustdoc, Marie and her team are very available, so I am very well accompanied at Clustdoc.'

If our professionals' clients can rely on them, our clients knows they can count on Clustdoc in return.

It pays for itself.

Build the best client onboarding experiences and run your business more smoothly. No Credit card required.