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A smarter client management solution.

Financial services collect, review, and process client information and documents using Clustdoc secure onboarding platform.

Hundreds of financial services trust us

Seamless KYC onboarding for financial services

Our compliant and automated onboarding software helps you welcome new clients and manage returning ones with ease.

Branded client portal

Collect the information you require from a branded, password protected portal.

Agent mobile application

Help your team always stay on top of your applications with a free smartphone app.

Document approval/rejection

Review, approve or request edits to documents you collect to make sure they meet all requirements.

Data protection & control

Protect your customers' data with built-in security features and GDPR compliance for your business.

Provide a better customer journey

Onboard clients or partners via a mobile-friendly, branded portal that you can fully integrate with your company's CRM system. Clustdoc is designed to transform your clients' experience by providing a 5-star digital process from onboarding to customer management.

Automate your internal procedures

Make your operations more efficient with smart and automated workflows. Clustdoc eliminates the need for repeated followups with clients to get the information you need. Stay compliant with a streamlined way for your team to process information, documents, and contracts from clients.

  • Customizable KYC Onboarding checklists
  • Activity tracking and detailed audit trails
  • Documents and information verification

Increase time to revenue

Collect client data from a centralized place to ensure speed and better conversions from your leads and customers. Remove the risk and the costs induced by errors and friction arising from manual processes and help your team stay in control.

Innovate with a click

Clustdoc is a beautifully simple onboarding software for financial services. Register today for a free Clustdoc account and be ready and set up by tomorrow.


Shared on November 2019

I loved the fact that I can have my clients go to the form, fill it up and log-off and log-in again to continue their update on the form. Something that my clients are struggling when I was using Google forms on onboarding.


Shared on April 2020

The amount of documentation and data that we need to be not only collected, but organized in a way that provides easy access is staggering. Clustdoc provides a highly customizable solution to this problem that is so commonplace among multiple industries.


Shared on July 2020

A solution that will save you time and help you keep track of your customer records. You are looking for an efficient and secure 100% online document collection and file verification tool! Then this tool is for you.

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