Transform the traditional loan application process into an intuitive experience

  • Lower data processing risks
  • Improve decision-making
  • Avoid information deficits

Discover the benefits of Clustdoc’s online loan application system

Automate your processes for a powerful, streamlined financial system. Eliminate tedious and costly paper-based processes.

Centralized data

Maintain data that is accessible to your clients and teams through a centralized database. Start the verification and approval process for a loan instantly.

Greater convenience

Automate your processes so any missing, incomplete or incorrect information can be flagged in the system immediately for correction.

Improved efficiency

Make your processes scalable, agile and cost-effective. Structure your processes to function without delays during the application process.

Better transparency

Help clients stay on top of loan application workflows and allow them to prepare the right documents and stay ahead of every requirement.

Start today with a more flexible onboarding system

At Clustdoc, we provide you with the features you need to streamline your loan applications with the power of intuitive automation.

Onboarding flows library

Forms and File Requests

Tasks and Todos

Online Payments

Legal eSignatures

Approval workflows

Secure inbox system

Audit trail and Reporting

Leverage multi-platform compatibility for easier processing

Clustdoc allows you to maintain engaging application workflows that make life easy for your teams and clients wherever they are.

With our flexible, user-friendly mobile interface, monitor the progress of loan applications and activate necessary escalations on the go.

Here's why people love Clustdoc

Discover what other companies have to say about our platform.

What I like most is that you can easily create templates to use over and over again but you also have the flexibility to customize single applications using a template first. You can sort incoming applications into folders for better organisation and overview of various processes.

Shared on 11/19

Clustdoc makes systematizing your client onboarding easier than ever. Not only this though, it makes reminding your clients about outstanding items as easy as a click of a button.

Shared on 06/20

This tool is flexible to use for both our clients and organization to maintain quality standards for information collection and process management. I like the fact that it keeps our on-boarding of new clients focused with information collecting in one easy process.

Shared on 01/20

Connect your flows to 1500+ business tools

Clustdoc completely fits into your current business apps ecosystem.

Online loan application systems

Find out what you need to know about streamlined financial processes and our powerful onboarding system.

What is loan application software?

A loan application software is a centralized platform designed to manage and automate different stages in your loan cycle. The software is meant to speed up the approval time for a loan.

How do online loan applications work?

Online loan applications digitize the traditional process through which clients apply for loans. Particularly at the data collection and approval stage, these platforms allow people to submit the required data from the comfort of their homes and provide financial teams with centralized access to this data in real-time.

How does Clustdoc improve my loan application processes?

With Clustdoc, you can set up and implement automated borrower onboarding workflows and streamline the way you request, assess, and manage loan documents through a customizable self-service borrower portal.

Is Clustdoc free?

No, but we offer a FREE, 7-day, no-obligation trial! If you love your Clustdoc experience, you can then choose a subscription plan, either on a yearly or monthly basis. You can cancel either your trial or subscription at any time.

Automate your loan application process for greater efficiency and client satisfaction

With Clustdoc, your work is easier, efficient, and more enjoyable.