Say goodbye to your employee onboarding nightmares.

  • No more wasted hours on manual paperwork
  • A consistent and systematic onboarding for every hire
  • Greater clarity about the progress of each recruit

Discover the benefits of an employee onboarding platform

When you turn to the power of automation, it’s easier to leave the pitfalls of a traditional onboarding experience behind and streamline your HR activities.

Reduce the likelihood of error

With your employees filling in their own data through digital forms, you can ensure that the data you need to collect is accurate and up-to-date.

Simplify your processes

Save time with dynamic checklists that guide employees down the necessary steps with minimal involvement on your part.

Improve productivity and efficiency

When you turn to the power of automation, you eliminate routine, manual HR processes that drain your time across the onboarding process.

Ensure compliant employee onboarding

Streamline your data collection through automated workflows and store it in a central repository that’s accessible to the rest of your team.

Discover a new way to onboard employees

At Clustdoc, we streamline your onboarding process to help you stay on top of your duties and responsibilities.

Onboarding flows library

Forms and File Requests

Tasks and Todos

Online Payments

Legal eSignatures

Approval workflows

Secure inbox system

Audit trail and Reporting

Monitor progress and support recruits on any device

With our multi-device compatibility, you, your teams and your recruits can interact, follow up, submit and process data wherever you are.

On the Clustdoc app, you don’t just access the same features and support as our web version, but also enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly onboarding experience.

Why people love Clustdoc

Discover what other companies say about our platform.

What I like most is that you can easily create templates to use over and over again but you also have the flexibility to customize single applications using a template first. You can sort incoming applications into folders for better organisation and overview of various processes.

Shared on 11/19

Clustdoc makes systematizing your client onboarding easier than ever. Not only this though, it makes reminding your clients about outstanding items as easy as a click of a button.

Shared on 06/20

This tool is flexible to use for both our clients and organization to maintain quality standards for information collection and process management. I like the fact that it keeps our on-boarding of new clients focused with information collecting in one easy process.

Shared on 01/20

Connect your flows to 1500+ business tools

Clustdoc completely fits into your current business apps ecosystem.

A better employee onboarding platform

Discover what you need to know about the right processes and tools for your HR functions.

What is an onboarding platform?

An onboarding platform is a software that’s designed to simplify and streamline an employee’s onboarding experience, usually through powerful automation.These tools don't just ensure they enjoy a seamless transition into your company but are also a way for your HR team to take a systematic and structured approach to the traditional onboarding experience.

What are the four phases of onboarding?

Pre-boarding: This is the day an employee agrees and accepts to join the company.It also includes the collection of key information from the employee | Greeting new hires: Also known as the orientation phase, this is when employees are introduced to the company and its teams | Training phase: This is the stage where employees are taken through various training and briefings to help them acclimatize to their new roles | Transition into their new role: This is when employees are given tasks to manage.

Does Clustdoc support integrations with other apps?

Yes! Our employee onboarding platform features multi-platform compatibility, allowing you, your teams and your recruits to integrate applications like Google Docs, Gmail and more.

How can I start using Clustdoc?

It’s easy—get started with our free 7-day no-obligation trial! After that, you can choose either a yearly or monthly subscription. If it doesn’t work out, you can cancel at any time.

Streamline your HR duties and responsibilities.

With Clustdoc, make life easier for your teams and your recruits.