Transition from risky workflows to a more secure accounting onboarding system.

  • More streamlined data collection
  • More robust approval and request systems
  • Greater data privacy and security

Discover the benefits of Clustdoc’s onboarding software

Automate your processes for a powerful, streamlined financial system. Eliminate the possibility of fraud and credit risk.

Centralized data

Maintain data that is accessible to your clients and teams through a centralized database. Verify and manage information in accordance with compliance requirements easily.

Faster data retrieval

Automate your processes in accordance with relevant data policies and locate information needed for your compliance activities on a faster timeline with fewer inaccuracies.

Better due diligence

Shorten the time you need to dot your Is and cross your Ts with our streamlined workflows for collecting key client data, evaluating it and compiling it into risk management reports.

Data security reinforced

All your data is encrypted at rest with AES-1256 and sophisticated encryption keys management. We comply with the highest standards of security and data protection.

Manage your risks proactively with client onboarding software for accounts

At Clustdoc, we provide you with all the features you need to streamline your onboarding and compliance workflows.

Onboarding flows library

Forms and File Requests

Tasks and Todos

Online Payments

Legal eSignatures

Approval workflows

Secure inbox system

Audit trail and Reporting

Stay on the ball wherever you are

With the Clustdoc app, we help your clients and teams submit, process, request, and assess key accounting information on the go.

You can also synchronize Clustdoc with your cloud storage solution for a safer exchange of confidential data, internal audits and much more.

Why people love Clustdoc

Discover what businesses have to say about our platform.

What I like most is that you can easily create templates to use over and over again but you also have the flexibility to customize single applications using a template first. You can sort incoming applications into folders for better organisation and overview of various processes.

Shared on 11/19

Clustdoc makes systematizing your client onboarding easier than ever. Not only this though, it makes reminding your clients about outstanding items as easy as a click of a button.

Shared on 06/20

This tool is flexible to use for both our clients and organization to maintain quality standards for information collection and process management. I like the fact that it keeps our on-boarding of new clients focused with information collecting in one easy process.

Shared on 01/20

Connect your flows to 1500+ business tools

Clustdoc integrates seamlessly with more than 5000 applications…

Frequently Asked Question

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Why is automation important in finance?

Automation in the finance and accounting world ensures that organizations are able to process data effectively, complete routine tasks more efficiently and accurately, and lower the administrative burden on their teams. Automation is also playing a more crucial role in traditionally human-intensive processes like onboarding and compliance management.

Is Clustdoc a free platform?

While there is a subscription fee you need to pay to use our platform, you can get started with our FREE, 7-day, no-obligation trial!

How does Clustdoc help you maintain accounting compliance?

Clustdoc helps you streamline your data collection process and allows you to manage all your client data in one place. From requesting information relevant to your compliance processes to storing data securely, our platform helps you remain in line with industry standards and regulations.It also complies with the GDPR regulations and other leading data privacy instruments in addition to helping you carry out privacy impact assessments. To further enhance your compliance, we carry out regular audits on our site to control various risks and vulnerabilities.

How do you automate an accounting process?

The first step is to choose and identify which of your accounting processes, like client onboarding, can be automated to improve response time. Then, we'd recommend acquiring the appropriate technology that will support your automated processes. Make sure you’ve chosen a platform that can be integrated with your existing technological ecosystem like Clustdoc. Once you've done that, you'll set up a workflow. This takes into account different conditions and triggers that escalate users from one stage to the other based on the data they submit or tasks they complete. And finally test your automated process. Once you’ve set up the rules and made sure your workflows progress smoothly, your accounting process is automated successfully.

Transform your accounting workflows with our client onboarding software.

With Clustdoc, enjoy a secure, compliant, and reliable platform for all parties.