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Registration & Admission Management System.

Clustdoc provides you with a simple, yet powerful online registration system made to streamline your admissions management processes.

Trusted by companies in +78 countries

Less admin work, more registrations

Clustdoc is a smart application helping you automate and streamline the process of gathering applications from students.

Admission Portal

Publish your branded portal for scholarships, grants and much more.

Online forms

Have applicants fill out forms and move forward with their application steps online.

Admission fees

Get paid with most commonly used credit cards (Visa, MasterCard...).


Collect e-signatures and get contracts signed remotely and faster.

Online application system for your organization

Building an online application system for your website is not easy. With Clustdoc, you get this done in under 10 minutes.
Create and publish your admission portal where you'd be able to receive and validate online applications seamlessly.

Build a workflow that converts

Online forms, automated follow-ups, required documents, payment requests and signature. Activate the modules you need in Clustdoc.
Clients can complete every step in a convenient way, using a computer or mobile phone while you increase conversion rates.

  • Mobile-friendly student registration portal
  • Mobile app for your entire team
  • Conditional display and rules

Track your activity and team performance

Keep a global view of your business and follow the performance of your admission teams from a single dashboard.
With Clustdoc, you have an online applications management tool that automates time-consuming tasks and accelerates decision making.

Education is built on trust

Clustdoc simplifies your online registration processes and protects your business while applying the highest security standards to the data you collect.


Shared on June 2020

Clustdoc offers one of the most detailed way to configure business documents & payment collection workflow with all the possible checks & data types. The platform offers one of the most secure document collection service. We use it for education segments of our clients.


Shared on December 2019

We've completely switched the whole team (contractors included) to Clustdoc and I am very satisfied as the manager. The software is very easy to use, you just follow the steps at registration and you're ready to go. Then, the support team follows up with you to help you go even further with website modules etc. (which we use) and that's it.


Shared on November 2019

What I like most about Clustdoc is that you can easily create templates to use over and over again but you also have the flexibility to customise single applications using a template first. I also like that you can sort incoming applications into folders for better organisation and overview of various projects or processes. When I had an issue the support replied quickly.

Professional. Simple. Secure.

Simple student enrollment and registration system for schools and higher education.