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The smartest employee onboarding checklist ever.

Collect, manage and review new hires' tasks, documents, certificates and contracts in a central place.

These modern companies work with us

A simple tool to select & welcome new talent

HR Managers and temporary staffing services use Clustdoc to streamline their onboarding processes and HR requests.

Onboarding checklist

Systematically walk future talents through your employee onboarding checklist.

Files request & approval

Review, approve, or request changes to returned documents, certificates, and files in an organised way.

Legally binding eSignature

Share all the documents that your new hires need to sign, so they can finally start working with you.

Team collaboration

Send returned files to other teammates or departments for approval without opening your email inbox.

Standardize your employee onboarding

Clustdoc is an all-in-one onboarding management software for hiring process, providing the tools you need to improve your hiring experience, increase efficiency, and scale your department operations. Use Clustdoc to build and run simple workflows gathering tasks, documents, or contracts that you need your future talent, contractors, or employees to complete.

Decrease the risk of delay or mistakes

Make sure no critical step or information is left behind while onboarding new employees. Track progress seamlessly and stay in control of your procedures.

  • Files are grouped in your account
  • Internal tasks allow your team to stay on the same page
  • Clustdoc can be integrated with any other tool you use

No stress onboarding for your new hires

Get your hires ready to start in no time with a clear and smooth onboarding process. Your intelligent checklists on Clustdoc are easy to use from any computer or laptop.

Start Growing Your Team Today

Whether you need to improve your document collection workflows, task management, tracking or time to signature, Clustdoc has it covered.


Shared on November 2019

I like the customization and ease of use. Being a small service company each of us already wears multiple hats... and our budget doesn't allow for a full time IT person / resident computer guru. We easily set this up using the resources already available through tutorials and the website.


Shared on January 2019

I love the fact that you can actually initiate requests under your own terms and be proactive about the list of documents you need to gather from clients or suppliers. The experience is neat and clean for admins as well as their clients too. The team is creative and reactive and the overall concept of the tool is smart while very simple.


Shared on November 2019

We use Clustdoc for a new recruitment process which includes an application form, a training process and a candidate's area. I really like that Clustdoc allows us to use one software for all these different parts because it lets us receive documents, share important information and communicate with the candidates.

Hassle-free employee onboarding.

Launch your employee onboarding portal in minutes and get started right away.