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Justified by the health crisis, modern companies started to rethink their activities and migrate their offers and services to digital actions.

However, Votre-Avocat-Virtuel.com didn't wait the crisis to start its business. Indeed, it has been 10 years that Stephane Minson, brillant lawyer in international business law, keeps breaking new ground in order to better serve its international clientele.

The 1 click accessible law firm

Votre-Avocat-Virtuel.com is a law firm like no other : alway ahead of its time, this 100% digital and 24/7 accessible firm is the reference for managing mobility, immigration and international tax issues for individuals and companies.

Thanks to innovating solutions of videoconference and client follow-up, Votre-Avocat-Virtuel.com offers its clients the best resources to build winning strategies, secure their position and minimize legal uncertainty.

An intelligent case management software

All along its international career as a lawyer, Stephane has developed an in-depth knowledge of the cloud, which has led him to naturally involve the best of both worlds in his work.

Recently, Stephane realized an audit of the solutions on the market in order to find the right one that could intelligently manage the document flows inherent to the very activity of the firm.

Traditional solutions were showing some functional limitations at this level :

” We used to work already with one of the first legal intake software created on the Cloud. However, there was something missing. This software didn't necessarily provide all the tools for case management and collection.'

This is how Clustdoc has occurred as the ideal solution to complete the software suite of the firm Votre-Avocat-Virtuel.com and to optimize the customer onboarding - an essential step within the commercial relationship.

Stephane remembers :

'What would work best for me was to ask my customers for the documents I needed and then validate them easily. Clustdoc came at the right time : I found what I've been dreaming of for a long time, meaning a digital list of documents, not juste like Google Doc or Dropbox.'

As a lawyer, collecting documents and supporting evidence from the customer is a long and tedious process. However, this stage which seems easy at first glance, includes back and forth trips that inevitably lead to moments of inertia for professionals (accountants or external consultants), their teams and clients.

For Stephane and his team, thanks to Clustdoc this stage is no longer a problem, which immediately reassures his new customers who are there despite the crisis:

'With Clustdoc, I have the chance to validate, invalidate, or discuss the documents, a real time saving for lawyers. We avoid thus the exchange of emails.'

Thanks to the intelligent list of documents to be supplied, the status of the file is displayed on the portal and the automatic reminders available via your Clustdoc account, the customer knows exactly what is expected, what remains to be done and the processing of the items received is all the easier for the teams who then become more reactive.

A reinveted customer experience

In addition to the intelligent document collection module, other features available via Clustdoc also proved to be useful to go further in the digitalization of the customer paths at Votre-Avocat-Virtuel.com. It is in particular the Clustdoc customer portal, customizable and easily integrated into the pages of a website or a business App.

The integration of this feature has enhanced the deployment of an innovative and trendy concept specially developed by the firm : the virtual office - from which most of the interactions can take place in complete confidentiality, to the delight of international clients.

'Client onboarding goes hand in hand with Votre-Avocat-Virtuel.com, and this onboarding process has to be found in one single place, on a dynamic and mobile customer portal portal as Clustdoc provides.'

Mastering digital publishing with Clustdoc Easy and efficient collaboration

The partnership between the team of Votre-Avocat-Virtuel.com has quickly has positive results. The benefits expected by Stephane have largely been achieved :

'Clustdoc allows to set up a system of client onboarding but also of my partners and external speakers or other professionals because it is possible for me to check the progress of their work in real time.'

Mr Minson is very satisfied with this collaboration and we are proud to be part of the innovative projects of our customers

It pays for itself.

Build the best client onboarding experiences and run your business more smoothly. No Credit card required.