Vendor Onboarding Automation

Need to automate a vendor onboarding or supplier registration process, there are several ways to do this? Clustdoc is an affordable, reliable and flexible way to build, centralize and run highly-performing vendor onboarding workflows for your business.

What you'll need DIY With Clustdoc
Online form builder $
File approvals Manual
Reminders & Updates Emails
Legally-binding eSignatures $$
Vendor Portal Developer required
Effective activity tracking X
Scalable & streamlined X
PROS/CONS Dev work + time + $ From $100/mo

We make vendor onboarding effortless

With Clustdoc, you don't need too many apps or a developer. Clustdoc gathers in a single place all you need to systemize your vendor onboarding processes and better manage new vendors, collaborate with your team and protect your business - and you can get started today!

Simply have vendors join a secure self-serve portal where they can easily follow the steps required during onboarding without you having to think about it.

Free vendor management app for your team

New vendors applications are automatically organized in your team dashboard making it easy to review returned files and information.

Use your free vendor management mobile app to check quickly your pending applications and move things forward.

Let's streamline your vendor onboarding process

Browse through our library of ready-to-use vendor onboarding processes, import your favorite template, edit the process based on your requirements and invite your first vendor to start the process today.

Automated Vendor Onboarding for modern teams.

Remotely onboard partners to your services, without a line of code.