Automated Merchant Onboarding

Need to automate a merchant registration process or select new merchants for your partner program? Clustdoc is an affordable, reliable and flexible way to build, centralize and run highly-performing merchant onboarding workflows for your business.

What you'll need DIY With Clustdoc
Online form builder $
File approvals Manual work
Reminders & due dates Manual work
Legally-binding eSignatures $
Team collaboration Manual work
Automation/Integration $$
Scalable & Secure X
PROS/CONS Unprofessional from $70/mo

We make merchant onboarding safer and easier to scale

Clustdoc was built to help you systematize routine processes, help your team better work and protect your business. You can get started today whether you have a developer or not.

Once you've mapped out in your account your routine merchant processes, all you'll have to do is to share with them or on your website a portal link where they can start the process without any help.

Manage new merchants from your mobile

Merchants can start the application process from their mobile devices, making it easy to take snapshots of required documents or share required information.

You and your team will also have access to a free merchant management mobile app to facilitate the review process.

Free merchant onboarding checklist templates

It's easy to get started with Clustdoc, you'll have access for free to some examples of merchant onboarding checklist templates used by our clients. You can also build yours if you want and share it with your team.

Automated Merchant Onboarding for your business.

It's free to get started with Clustdoc, no credit card required.