Borrower Onboarding Automation

Need to streamline your loan application process or make sure you collect loan documents on time? Clustdoc is an affordable, reliable and flexible way to build, centralize and run highly-performing borrower onboarding workflows for your business.

What you'll need DIY With Clustdoc
Borrower portal $$
Online form builder $
Document checklists $
Files approval/denial Manual work
eSignatures $
Team collaboration Emails
Reminders/ Due dates Manual work
PROS/CONS Time Consuming + $ from $70/mo

We make loan application processes effortless

With Clustdoc, our Mortgage brokers can build automated borrower onboarding workflows and streamline the way they request, collect and review loan documents with a customizable self-serve borrower portal.

It's very easy to build custom loan document checklists using Clustdoc, then all you'll have to do is to add the link of your very own portal behind the 'Apply now' button on your website.

Review loan documents from your mobile

Clustdoc automatically organizes submitted applications into your dashboard making it easier for you to process these submissions.

Also access your clients applications from your free mobile app no matter where you are.

Let's streamline your loan application processes

Browse through our library of ready-to-use loan application templates and customize them based on your needs. You can also build yours from scratch very easily.

Automated borrower onboarding for your branches.

Start collecting loan applications automatically with our smart onboarding solution.