Automated Artist Onboarding

Need to automate your grant programs or collect submissions from artists and writers easily? Clustdoc is an affordable, reliable and flexible way to build, centralize and run highly-performing onboarding workflows for your business.

What you'll need DIY With Clustdoc
Online form $
Submissions approval system Manual work
File requests $
eSignatures $$
Cloud storage $
High-volume submissions Time-consuming
Automation / Integrations Developer required
PROS/CONS Fragmented + $ from $70/mo

We make call for submissions effortless

Publish to your website a custom portal where writers can submit easily their submissions and essays or send email invitations to your database of artists.

Add your logo and branding to your submission portal, share instructions and guide writers through all the required steps of your programs in a timely manner.

Mobile access for your stakeholders and team

Thanks for our mobile-friendly interface, it's very easy to fill out the information and share documents from a smartphone or tablet.

Your team will also have access to a free mobile app where they can progress and approve submissions.

Ready-to-use artist onboarding checklist templates

Browse through our collection of onboarding templates and get started today with any dev work.

Automated artist onboarding for your business.

Join thousands of companies using Clustdoc to automate their onboarding.