Pourquoi utiliser Clustdoc pour gérer ses entrées en relation et dossiers clients ?

This week, the Clustdoc teams wowed our ambassador customers (the latter having the opportunity to test the features before their official release) with more than 20 fantastic features to be found in our next Newsletter. By participating in this real rodeo, I understood how much what we were working on made sense for SMEs and startups around the world. So I thought it would be a shame not to share it with others. This is how I set out to re-present Clustdoc to all SMEs, Startups and teams looking for an effective tool to manage their contacts, their process of creating files or registrations, while gaining in productivity. . Of course we could make all this information even sexier with modern and expensive marketing brochures, but our obsession for simplicity and authenticity pushes us to opt for the most basic way. So let’s get straight to the article. 

Why use Clustdoc to manage your contacts and customer files?

Good question. Here are, in my opinion, the 6 reasons why the solution we offer should interest you. Of course, if you do not recognize yourself in any of these situations, you can immediately close the page without any regrets and may the force be with you. 

1. Access to your services requires the creation of a file

Yet this step is the one you dread the most as it costs you time and energy. Files arrive incomplete, customers ask questions (always the same) or do not follow up, your emails remain unanswered and each file requires at least 3 round trips. 

2. You are not particularly a web addict

But it looks like your customers are. They are asking you more and more to find out if it is possible to manage their registrations, applications or registrations remotely or on the Internet. 

3. Email is your best friend

Just like paper, but despite their undeniable fidelity, you feel that managing your business by pen and paper or exclusively by email is not totally in line with the image of the ‘growing’ company you dreamed of. to be.

4. You feel that there are improvements to be made to your processes

But you don’t have time to develop a whole new site from which your customers can create accounts and start building their files independently.

5. You love the relationship with the customer more than anything

And feel that this can only exist when we give ourselves the means. It’s hard to listen to your customers and create a relationship when you have a nose for administrative tasks. 

6. For you, time is money

You feel like you’re throwing money away at the sight of your daily todo list. You would like to find a simple and effective way to automate the work of managing client files so that you can focus on value-added activities. 

If any of these 6 valid reasons speak to you, you should take a look at the Clustdoc solution . In our next article, we will discuss the features of the Clustdoc solution in more detail .


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