What Are the Best Onboarding Practices for Your Business?

Do you know what converts a one-time buyer into a loyal lifetime customer? Or what connects your employees with your brand?

It is an overall positive experience with your company.

And the best time to turn clients into highly engaged customers or instill trust in your employee is during the onboarding process.

During a new customer sign-up process, you can show the prospects that your brand is the right choice for them.

And when it comes to employee onboarding, It is also the stage where you establish a deep connection between your company and your new hires.

Both employee and client onboarding are crucial for your company. By implementing the best practices in the onboarding process, you can help your employees for a smooth transition into your company and customer retention.

In this post, I’ll share the most beneficial practices for customer onboarding strategy for your employees and clients.


How to Onboard an Employee

For proper employee onboarding, we divide the whole process into four steps. This process works perfectly whether you’re onboarding a new employee remotely or in your local office.

Step 1: Complete the Paperwork

First and foremost we clear all the necessary paperwork which can be pretty boring and nerve-wracking because a simple mistake can halt the whole process. Complete the administrative onboarding by collecting essential files like IDs, insurance cards and by getting compliance documents such as NDA, contracts, etc. signed as soon as possible.

collect employee information

This part of the process is sometimes quite heavy.

To make sure you collect all required documents from each new employee, you’ll need more than a simple file sharing system.

Through our platform, we provide professionals with a document collection feature that actually allows them to list specifically which compliance documents are expected and review them collaboratively with the HR and the compliance team.

To easily sign legal papers, share them with your employee directly on Clustdoc, which provides e-signature functionality and saves all submitted files on your favorite cloud storage service, automatically.


If you follow this step, you will not only protect your company and help your organization remain compliant, but it will also benefit your business as it shows how seriously you take every new hire journey.

Step 2: Give Them a Tour of Your Business

On the first day, introduce the new members to the existing team. You can provide them info about the work schedule, rules and policies that they must be aware of.

You can use Clustdoc to clearly explain or share business policies, company values, or walk your new hires through your past achievements or prerequisites for getting started with their new role.

on your first day

At Clustdoc, we use our own system to onboard new employees.

Since we have an international team, the employee onboarding processes we run with new hires are already built in French and English.

In each process we’ve attached already the related documentation, in the right language, and this helps a lot since we don’t need to copy and paste that information for every new person.

Step 3: Assign Tasks to the Employee

In the next step, you can share additional resources and assign tasks to your new hires to acclimatize them to your company’s job profiles. This helps your employee to be ready for projects without any problem.

To make it easier for them, you can use Clustdoc to create a list of tasks and also track progress with the platform’s task status feature.

progess status

You can also set up regular meetings to give feedback on their performances, suggest ways, and inspire them to improve their performances. Clustdoc also has the built-in feature where you can embed appointment schedulers, so that your new hire can book a call anytime they want.

Step 4: Assist Employees to Understand Projects

You can assist your employees during the onboarding process by regularly organizing meetings, giving feedback on their performances, suggesting ways, and inspiring them to improve their performances.

With Clustdoc’s message feature, you can stay in direct touch with your client’s throughout the onboarding process.

messaging feature

Follow these steps to onboard a new employee in your company.

Using Clustdoc, you can speed up your employee onboarding process. The new hires will also find the onboarding process easy and convenient with complete onboarding on one interface.

After onboarding on Clustdoc, they’ll be able to handle new projects in only a short span of time after onboarding.

How to Onboard a New Client

Clustdoc also helps in client onboarding improve customer retention, increase customer lifetime value, and turn them into happy customers. Using Clustdoc’s onboarding platform, you can divide client onboarding into three steps for a positive onboarding experience.

Step 1: Welcoming Your Client

First, welcome your new user with a message thanking them for providing you with the project opportunity.

On Clustdoc, you can send the client a personalized welcome message,welcome email and introduce them to your company.

welcome message onboarding

Then introduce your products and services and convey to them how your service is beneficial to them.

Step 2: Fill out Forms and Sign Papers

Because you will be managing proprietary information for your clients, both sides must have a clear understanding.

Through the Clustdoc interface, you can send welcome greeting messages or share welcome videos, ask your clients to share documents, sign contracts or NDAs, or make payments. Your clients can conveniently sign all necessary documents on Clustdoc using the e-signature tool.

You can store all your essential files on your favorite cloud storage space directly from Clustdoc and share them with the client and other team members.

You need much information from clients to deliver results that meet their expectations. Through a secure interface that clients can access from any device, it is convenient for your clients to complete the onboarding steps on Clustdoc. Once you’ve collected the data you need using forms and received all documents, you can loop in people from your team to collect their approvals without having to pick up your phone.

Of course, we all know that clients can have busy schedules, that’s why the platform allows you to schedule automated reminders to make sure they take action in a timely manner and don’t delay your projects.

Step 3: Have Routine Interaction

You should routinely interact with clients, answer their questions, and update them regarding the progress of the onboarding process. It helps you build trust in the mind of the client.

On Clustdoc, your clients can schedule appointments on the interface using the appointment booking module.

embed calendly links

Get Started With Clustdoc

There are many other client onboarding processes like real estate onboarding, law firm onboarding, marketing onboarding, etc. But the principles apply the same. You can edit these free onboarding templates from Clustdoc to create your unique client onboarding process and improve customer interactions.

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