5 Benefits of Implementing E-Signature for Work from Home Employees

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Modern companies have shifted from working from the office to working from home in recent times. And this has turned out to be a great decision as working remotely can increase productivity by up to 13%.

The workflow is no less efficient than that from an office, and it has been seen in a survey that 77% of employees showed improved productivity.

And one digital tool that has made it possible for virtual teams to efficiently exchange documents is e-signature. 

An electronic signature allows you to freely exchange documents, sign new contracts, and conduct full-fledged business operations online. 

If you are not already using e-signatures in your business or you want to utilize it properly, here are five benefits of implementing e-signature for remote employees to get you started.

1. The Convenience in Adding E-signature to Your Documents

It is tough to manage document signatures while working remotely. It’s much more inconvenient when many people sign the same contract. Many multinational corporations employ people or have clients all around the world. As a result, regardless of their location, this group of people should be able to readily sign and exchange documents. With digital signatures, you can settle a problem without meeting in person.

With Clustdoc, you can collect as many signatures as you want using the advanced e-signature function and share them with your employees, clients, and stakeholders.

2. A Pledge of Security : Strengthen Your Customer’s Trust

With a document-sharing platform like Clustdoc, you can securely share online documents with e-signatures. Your documents are much safer on the cloud with advanced security than they are in physical locations.

To verify a hand-drawn signature, you need the original document. However, you can easily verify e-signatures and spot any alteration.

It is impossible to falsify a digital signature since it is produced using cryptographic information protection procedures. If you make modifications to the document after signing it with an electronic signature, the signature becomes invalid.

While the document signed physically is in no way protected from further changes. With Clustdoc, you can ensure the traceability of the data while keeping the contracts signed in your documents following the eIDAS requirements.

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3. E-signatures Are Legally Binding

Digital signatures are legally binding in many countries, including the United States and thirty European countries. But what you need to know is that an electronic signature can have the same weight and legal effect as a traditional hand-signed paper document.

The legal value of an electronic signature will depend on its ability to prove the identity of the person who signed the document and that the data has not changed after signing. 

You can learn about the authenticity of the different types of e-signature by reading our articles on “What is a E-signature” and “The Difference Between A Digital Signature, E-Signature, And A Handwritten Signature.”

4. Improve Workflow and Boost Business Productivity

Speed is critical in many aspects of a business. The number of document processing actions — printing, scanning, signing, and mailing – is reduced with electronic signatures. Most of these laborious and time-consuming stages are avoided with digital signatures. 

A hand-signed document might take days, if not weeks, to reach its intended recipient. A digitally signed agreement can be submitted in a matter of minutes, saving time for both the organization and the client. 

Companies can save time and money by using electronic signatures instead of courier services. Clients and coworkers sign papers for remote employees faster and more efficiently. This strategy also reduces the possibility of mistakes interfering with business operations.

5. Become Environmentally Friendly

Every year, many businesses use enormous amounts of paper. As documents may have errors, they must be rewritten numerous times and reproduced, increasing paper waste. It’s tough to imagine all of this paper documentation being maintained in particular locations and taking up a lot of office space in today’s world. 

In addition to being more convenient, digitally storing and processing papers helps protect the environment by saving countless trees. It also helps in promoting your organization as a long-term business plan. Consumers like to associate with companies that take social responsibility seriously, so your sustainable branding will attract new customers.

These are just a few benefits of incorporating electronic signatures into your daily business. After testing it, you will probably identify more convenience points that e-signature brings to your company. 

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