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From a branded tenant portal, you can request, collect, approve and share tenants applications securely.

Lettings application

Flatsharing application

Guarantor application

And much more!

Metrics Clust

Simple branded tenant portal

Clust allows you to display to your future tenants a beautifully-made tenant portal where they can apply.

Automatically request a list of documents, gather useful information, share files, request signatures and payment in a single place.

Automate the boring stuff

Rental applications on autopilot

No need to chase tenants for their documents. Clust tenant portal makes it easier to understand what's required.

Simply add a due date to for each application and we'll send automated reminders to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Convert more clients
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Collaboration Clust

Built-in landlord portal

Share tenant applications with the landlord without picking the phone.

Our internal collaboration system allows you to gather feedbacks from the landlord or any other stakeholders with the push of a button.

Speed up decision-making

Action-packed features at your fingertips

Clust helps you monitor your sales and admin teams activity in real time.

Everyone involved in the application process knows exactly what to do and when and you stay in the loop throughout the process.

Bring clarity to business
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How does it work?

Clust helps lettings agencies speed up their rental application processes, get more productive and scale their business.


Incoming lead

A potential tenant contacts you on your website, on your social media or via a classified site.


Online application

Send them to your branded tenant portal where they can start their application and interact.



Verify, approve files or comment on wrong ones. Share the best profiles with the landlord. Request payment or signature.

Votre démarche RGPD avec Clust Security

When using Clust, you're systematically applying the strictest level of Data protection in the world because we comply with the GDPR.

We protect all documents and information shared between you and your future tenants using end-to-end encryption. You keep track of the data you collect during the application process, as required by the GDPR.

Tenant consent capture and real-time audit trail

Encryption of collected documents (AES 256)

Password protected tenant and landlord portal

Robust datacenters located within EU

Simple, Flexible, Professional

Onboard clients more easily and close deals faster

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