Qualify your sales prospects faster

Nearly 50% of missed deadlines are caused by delays in collecting documents from clients.

Mortgage Broker

for loan applications

Real Estate

for sales & lettings

Financial Services

for client inquiries

Corporate teams

for tender bids

Contractors, accountants, HR professionals, administrators and consultants use Clust too!


Stop chasing down files

Our shared interface makes it easier for clients to understand what's required and ask any question without picking the phone.

And we send automated reminders, so they can return files with any device, right on time. No mistakes, no delay.

Stop the chaos

Rely on one tool to do it all

Clust prevents you from juggling between web apps, fax machines, stacks of paper and scanners.

Request a list of supporting documents and once returned, we rename and organize them intuitively.

Streamline your processes

Loop in stakeholders, in no time

Clust is also where you work with your team, contractors or even external decision makers.

Invite stakeholders to join the shared interface and allow them to comment on received files, so you can make revisions and move on faster.

Improve your success rate

How does it work?

You can get started within 15 minutes.


Create a Clust Request

List files you need from a client, we keep everything neat and organized. Also add forms or company documents such as a contract.


Send it to a client

Give access to a client through a secure link. They can return back required documents, message you and follow up real time.


Review and collaborate

Approve all or comment on wrong files and notify your client. Download the Request or work on it with stakeholders.

Collect client documents in a secure way

We take security seriously here at Clust, and we are proud to help hundreds of companies scale while protecting their clients.

Sean Knight

Phaidon Intl

We switched from a complex unreliable process to Clust. Today all employees get to follow a unified process and have access to a decluterred email inbox.

Clarisse Tallard


We needed a clear way to stay on top of our client onboarding and manage the back-and-forth professionally and efficiently at our agency. With Clust, that's the case and clients love it.

Simple, Flexible, Professional

Onboard clients more easily and close deals faster

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