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Feature-packed document collection tool.

Clustdoc helps you automate the way you collect and manage documents and information from anyone as part of your client or company workflows.

Trusted by professionals from +78 countries

Works for all your business needs

Send customized document collection requests or collect the information you require from a secure branded portal.

Online forms

Request, collect, extract clients information and data with our simple form builder.

File requests

Display a smart list of required documents or files based on your clients profiles.

Online tasks

Ask your recipients to complete a list of tasks whether online or in the real world.


Have your contracts and proposals templates signed easily from your application portals.

Shared templates for your team

Browse through our library of +100 professional templates to build your custom process. You can also build your own needs list from scratch.
Our shared interface makes it easier for clients to run your process and understand what's required and ask any question without picking the phone.

One reliable tool to collect & manage everything

Clustdoc prevents you from juggling between web apps, fax machines, stacks of paper and scanners.
Request a list of supporting documents and once returned, we rename and organize them intuitively. To foster collaboration, you can collaborate on returned files with your team or clients.

  • Automatic file naming
  • Automated checklists
  • File approval/commenting

Connected to the apps you love

Clustdoc is also where you work with your team, contractors or even external decision makers.
Once you're done, automate your document collection process with a few clicks. Clustdoc can be connected to +1500 online apps using Zapier or our API documentation.

Collect documents, signatures, payments and more

Clustdoc not only automates your document collection workflows, but also helps you capture data, eSignatures, payments and more.

Outline your client or admin process

using templates

List everything you need from a client or team members, we keep everything neat and organized. Also add forms or eSignature requests for example.

Collect submissions repeatedly

via a client portal

Give access to a client through a password protected link. They can return back required documents, message you and follow up in real time.

Review, Collaborate, Export

in a single place

Approve submissions or comment on wrong files and notify your client. Download the Request or work on it with stakeholders.

Work smarter, save time.

Teams and professionals using Clustdoc have improved their productivity by up to %50. Join us!