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Hello, I’m Samuel

I’m the HR director at a 360-degree communications agency. We manage international advertising campaigns.
May 10
I created in Clust an online form and a list of documents to be provided by applicants
I have also added a list of tasks needing to be completed
May 11
I shared this onboarding workflow with the entire HR team
Each recruiter uses it with their candidates
May 17
We received the documents of 5 new joiners
I was told the experience was intuitive and simple
May 18
16 new employees joined us
All stakeholders can also have access to the documents
Our teams are twice as productive
Employee integration is no longer a headache
Modern teams prefer Clust

Clust automates time-consuming tasks and helps you do so much more.

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Employee onboarding Management Software

Clust allows you to collect, manage and verify documents and information required when onboarding future employees.

Our clients use it to manage talent onboarding and to streamline international hiring procedures.

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