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Hi, I’m Ted

I work at a startup. We create web applications for Corporate employees.
May 29
I created in Clust my list of documents to be provided by our clients
These are the documents required before setting up the app on the client servers
May 30
I sent the list to a customer managing more than 100 employees
Clust automatically generated a link accessible to my contact
June 5
My customer's contact viewed the list
The latter had received an automatic reminder from Clust
June 15
Employees were able to test the app for the first time
We've been referred to another client quickly
Our conversion rates have increased significantly
Clust helps me to streamline exchanges with my customers
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Clust allows you to create shared team todo lists so everyone is on the same page.

Stay productive while your clients comple their applications at the speed of light.

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Clust allows you to easily manage your clients onboarding.

Our customers use it to collect new clients documents and informations while protecting their privacy and data.

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