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Hello, I’m Meghana

I’m an immigration lawyer. I help my customerss get a visa or become residents.
November 15
I created lists of documents to be provided in several languages
My clientele comes from everywhere
November 16
I have added my various lists into my WordPress site
Using the Clust client portal plugin
November 20
One of my clients sent me some information
The whole process was comprehensive and easy
December 27
My customer now lives here with his wife
The resident permit has been granted and a baby is the way!
My customers were reassured throughout the process
They followed their application progress easily
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The list of documents created with the software is intuitive and smart.

It automatically adjusts to your customer’s situation while helping you cut the copy and paste.

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Clust software streamlines your legal procedures and protects the privacy of your clients.

Our clients, immigration experts and lawyers use it for their immigration cases and any legal procedure that requires an application.

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