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Hi, I’m Vanessa

I run a real estate agency that specializes in renting property for students and young workers.
April 5
I have compiled in Clust a list of documents needed for a rental application
I used a ready-to-use rental application template
6 april
I inserted the link to my rental portal in my online ads
The list of documents adapts to the customer’s situation
April 7
I have received many tenancy applications
Documents are automatically organized by client in my account
April 9
I’ve found a tenant!
The contract was signed via Clust
I can focus on most relevant applications
Clust is doing the work in the background
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Clust allows you to publish a modern rental portal gathering the required items needed to apply.

Tenants and their guarantors access the portal with unique credentials.

Rental & tenancy application system

Clust software allows you to pre-approve prospects and manage rental applications simply.

Property managers use it to manage rental applications and mortgage loans very easily.

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