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Hello, I’m Christophe

I am a Certified Public Accountant, I manage the payroll and tax returns of my SME clients.
June 7
From my account I created a list of supporting documents
All it took was a copy and paste from my PDF forms
June 8
I forwarded this list to my client
Clust allows me to send my list through a secure interface
June 13
My client sent over invoices and receipts for the related period of time
She took pictures of them with her Smartphone
November 17
The client sent me the weekly expense reports
She can do this from a branded client portal
I am more organized and work with the peace of mind
Clust avoids delays, errors and time-consuming tasks
Modern teams prefer Clust

The list of required information is mobile-friendly.

Your customers can send you their documents with any device.

Accounting practice Management software

Clust allows you to automate the collection of expense reports, supplier invoices or vouchers.

Our clients use it to gather their clients invoices, prepare VAT returns, or business registrations.

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