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Hello, I’m Marion

I am an event manager at a major luxury brand. I manage the national conference and exhibition for beauty professionals
November 17
I created a list of documents required to attend the conference.
In order to welcome accredited partners
November 20
I sent the list to all the companies expected to join us this year
Clust let me generates a secure access link for this list
December 14
The first companies completed their accreditation application form
Clust sent automated email reminders to recipients
March 7
450 companies received their accreditation and badge for the event
A real success for our company!
I'm so proud to offer a high-end experience to our partners
Using Clust as a simple branded partner portal
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Accreditation management software

Clust allows you to collect, manage and verify documents and information required as part of accreditation procedures.

Our clients use it to better manage the different information flows and levels of validations required during such procedures.

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