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Hello, I’m Pierre

I’m a real estate developer. I work on construction projects for other companies.
June 27
I have created in Clust a list of supporting documents to be provided by my subcontractors
I need to make sure this is done properly to comply with the law
July 15
I have made this list available to all the companies concerned
Then I added a contract to be signed
17 july
My subcontractors were already sending their documents
My team was able to verify and approve them
January 12
My client inaugurated the site with great ceremony
Even the mayor attended this event!
100% of my subcontractor’s files are compliant
87% of all documents are up to date
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With our Check and Go® technology, requested documents are automatically verified.

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Vendor application management system

Clust allows you to collect, manage and verify documents and files of your subcontractors.

Our clients prefer when we use Clust to limit compliance risks and gather all suppliers documents and information in a single shared space.

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