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Hello, I’m Maaike

I manage a professional training center, we offer certifications to managers and their teams.
April 8
I created in my Clust account, a list of items needed to join a training session
2 forms to fill out, 1 list of required documents and registration fees to pay
April 10
I gave my clients access to this list using a secure link
Clust automatically generates a link to my list
April 11
Clients sent over their required documents and payment
Which I checked and approved in my account
April 28
More than 40 people joined our training session
Certifications were attached to their Clust interface
Our admission process is fully automated
Submitting an application is very easy now
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Clust lets you define a custom online admission workflow based on each applicant's profile.

Your teams also follow a unified process to manage applications, all in one place.

Online Application System

Clust allows you to receive online applications right on time and hassle-free.

Our clients use it to receive applications, to onboard new applicants or to manage scholarships or grants.

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