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Add a beautiful client portal to your pages and help your visitors apply online.


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Important Information at a glance

Clust provides a password protected area where your visitors can fill out forms, upload documents, receive files, read instructions and send messages.

Simply have your visitors apply right from your website pages and stay focused on what matters.

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As many applications as you can handle

No matter which Clust plan you pick, there is no limit to the number of applications you can receive through your Wordpress client portal.

You can also assign incoming applications to your team members and make sure every lead is taken care of in a timely manner.

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Best in class client application

Best-in-class client application system

Clust automatically gathers clients information and documents in comprehensive folders within your account.

Get notified for anything important, approve or comment on wrong files, share and collaborate easily with stakeholders and much more.

Set up your portal for free

Ready to add a Clust client portal to your Wordpress site?

Clust provides to your clients a single entry-point for their online applications. It's easy to set up and we are here to help if you need help.


Register for free

Create a free Clust account in a few minutes. Create or import a template.


Create API Token

Go to your Account settings and create an API Token for your Wordpress site.


Copy/Paste in Wordpress

Copy and Paste the API Key into your Wordpress client portal settings page.

Action-packed features to scale your business

Whether you're a mortgage broker, realtor, HR professional or administrator, Clust scales with your business and helps you stay organized and productive.

Application IDs

Returning visitors can log back into your website and track their application using their unique application reference number.

Online forms

Use our simple form builder to create as many application forms as needed. You can display them very easily in your client portal.

File requests

List all the documents and files you require from your visitors as part of their application and get higher conversion rates with Clust.


Securely share important stuff with your visitors. From contracts, or pdf forms to application guidelines, the sky is the limit.


Request signatures from anyone without hassle. This feature is available using HelloSign.

Online payment

Get paid directly into your Clust client portal with most common credit cards.

Automated reminders

Make sure clients stay engaged and complete their application on time.


Our feature helps you choose whihc team member should work on incoming applications.

Simple, Flexible, Professional

Onboard clients more easily and close deals faster

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