Meilleur logiciel de constitution de dossiers.

We've built one streamlined portal for you and your customers. Collect, review, and process all the information you need to complete your onboarding.

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Request and receive information from anyone

Build customizable onboarding procedures that can be repeated as often as needed and receive the information you require to turn leads into clients.

Potential customers can start the onboarding process from a branded portal using their computer or a smartphone. No more copy and paste.

I have been waiting for something like this forever. Great customer service, excellent price point, awesome functionality.


Handle submissions from a single place

Critical documents and information, steps and details are all neatly organized and can be shared for approval – Say goodbye to your cluttered email inbox, yay!

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks using automated follow-up reminders and due dates. Keep your team updated, send direct messages, have guests share approvals and collaborate without switching tools.

Clustdoc quickly became our software resource for the incorporation of customers. It is very easy to use and what I like most is saving time, doing business, I love it.


Build and maintain customer trust

Your customer journey needs to be unique, frictionless and user-friendly. With a smart client portal, Clustdoc allows you to define a clear process and provide an experience your client will remember.

We’re committed to safeguarding your data, and protect your business and clients with unique security and data-protection features.

I use Clustdoc to admin applications for trainings, where some documents need to be presented and verified. It's easy to adjust & support is fast.


Manage your clients from anywhere

Professionals in 78+ countries get more work done with Clustdoc.

Saves so much time by not having to find correct versions of files to send to clients and keeping track of whether documents are completed and returned. Custom domain and smtp emails increases the trust and professionalism of my business. Support has been superb - very responsive.

Shared on 11/19

I was looking for a customer onboarding solution that I can easily integrate into my website where I can keep track and manage my clients. Clustdoc was a blessing in disguise it has helped me make a great impression on my customers. Happy to have made the right decision with this product.

Shared on 11/19

Makes onboarding a lot easier. I enjoy how easy it is to set up Clustdoc to suit my needs. Clustdoc is helping us to standardize our onboarding process so that we can make the client experience more consistent overall. I am learning new features and tweaks every day that make our process even better.

Shared on 06/19

Your client portal awaits.

Simple to set up. Easy to use. Cloud-based customer onboarding software connected to your tools.