8 façons d’obtenir des leads qualifiés pour votre PME

Internet regorge d’ astuces pour gérer ou envoyer des campagnes d’emailing. Faisons plutôt un pas en arrière puisque l’envoi de campagnes implique l’existence d’une base de prospects qualifiés. Tant que cette base de données n’aura pas été constituée, il est préférable de concentrer vos efforts à appliquer les bonnes tactiques qui vous aideront à obtenir des leads qualifiés, jour après jour. En suivant nos conseils pour obtenir des leads qualifiés pour votre PME, vous saurez capter l’attention des visiteurs de votre site plus facilement.

The Internet is full of tips for managing or sending email campaigns. Let’s take a step back instead, since sending campaigns implies the existence of a base of qualified prospects. Until that database is built, it’s best to focus your efforts on applying tactics that will help you get qualified leads, day in and day out. By following our tips for obtaining qualified leads for your SME, you will be able to capture the attention of visitors to your site more easily.


1. Bet everything on the online experience

Having an online presence is no longer enough to attract prospects. Your site should be intuitive, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate.

Of course, you will have to make sure to offer your visitors an easy way to send their contact details, if you want to collect email addresses. The rule we apply at Clust is the following, all contact points (contact form, demo, chat) are accessible from the main page of the site and only require one or two clicks to be completed.

Clearly display your message to your visitors by telling them the benefit obtained by joining your site or your newsletter.


2. Get qualified leads through creativity

Take advantage of the viral model of social media to get noticed. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and join them on their favorite platforms.

If your rental agency caters in particular to new high school graduates, why not open a Snapshat account and share apartment visits in Snap ?

As a real estate broker, why not do Facebook Lives to answer questions from your community live ?

You will gain visibility while making an impression on your audience.


3. Go digital

A quick tour of online forums or social media will give you an idea of ​​how painful it is for everyone to send their lists of supporting documents as part of signing a service contract.

Photo credits: Twitter @helenesegaraoff

It is a process that is often confusing, long, complicated to manage… In short, nobody likes paperwork .

If you are a real estate professional, wealth manager or need to collect supporting documents, files or e-documents, this general friction is actually  an opportunity to stand out.

By simplifying your document collection process with software like Clust , you professionalize and speed up this often quite painful step and at the same time improve the journey of your prospects.

And  who says ‘smooth journey’ says ‘faster checkout’ , right?

4. Ask for help

It is often difficult to ask for help. Quite surprisingly, since it’s one of the easiest ways to get it.

Get into the habit of asking people in your professional circle to help you capture more prospects.

Planning an event ? Have you prepared an emailing campaign? Perfect !

Involve your professional contacts, collaborators and spread the information as best you can! Word of mouth is your best ally.


5. Export your contacts

Think differently about your social networks. You already have a large list of prospects thanks to your various networks, don’t turn your back on them.

Linkedin offers the export of contacts to an excel file. This may be a starting point for you to get more visibility. (Provided you use this list while remaining GDPR compliant.)

Set aside a day in your calendar when you can focus on activating business opportunities . Acquiring new customers is a continuous process, stay the course!

6. Ask your loved ones

It’s always a bit tricky to solicit relatives to increase the impact of your marketing actions.

No matter what you think, your friends and family are just waiting to see you succeed in your business ! So do not hesitate to trust them by involving them from time to time in your most important marketing actions.

If you provide them with the right tools (business cards, a link to an online appointment form), they will be happy to share your actions, your news or tell their colleagues about you.


7. Multiply the points of impact

Have you ever heard of multi-channel marketing ? This Marketing practice has grown considerably in the heart of the banking sector (but not only) in recent years. Well Named.

Le Marketing multicanal part du constat selon lequel, les prospects sont désormais bien plus mobiles qu’auparavant. Un contact aura tendance à alterner ou combiner plusieurs canaux avant d’entrer en contact avec votre société : le site internet, votre page facebook, votre agence physique etc.

Afin de ne pas perdre vos prospects pendant leur parcours de découverte, il est indispensable d’unifier leur expérience quel que soit leur point d’entrée. 

Pour faire simple, l’idée est de surfer sur cette diversité de canaux pour multiplier votre présence en ligne – annuaires en ligne, réseaux sociaux, blog – tout en gardant une certaine cohérence dans l’expérience utilisateur, ce, quel que soit le chemin emprunté par vos clients.

Attention donc, aux liens obsolètes ou cassés, aux informations erronées, aux promotions expirées…



8. Mettez-vous du côté des prospects

Vous l’avez remarqué, les attentes des consommateurs ayant grandement évolué depuis l’arrivée d’internet. Vos futurs clients privilégient la notion de partenariat à celle de promotion qui leur semble unilatérale.

Mettez-vous à la place de vos clients et comprenez leurs difficultés. En essayant d’y répondre du mieux que vous pouvez, vous établirez un rapport de partenariat qui aboutira à la conclusion de ventes additionnelles ou au moins de recommandations.

Voici quelques exemples d’actions à mettre en place dès aujourd’hui pour poser les bases d’une relation gagnant-gagnant et obtenir des leads qualifiés pour votre PME :

Accompany your customers (a simple chat window, or a FAQ section on your site will allow your customers to feel less alone)

Listen to your customers (take the time to talk to your current customers and ask them for advice on how to improve your services)

Educate its customers (offer educational content -blog, webinar, files- accessible free of charge by your customers)


I hope these simple techniques will help you land more qualified leads for your small business. Do not hesitate to share with us other techniques that have allowed you to obtain more customers.



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